Month: January 2016

Product Reviews

Bamboletta Dolls

Growing up with two brothers meant that if you didn't want to play G.I Joes or transformers, you played alone! So rather than having couch cushions tied to my body and forced to play goalie, I took my dollies and played. I had two Cabbage…

Some Oldies But Goodies

Yesterday, I shared a photo on Instagram of the treasures I found in a box from my Grandma who will be turning 97 this coming August.  One of the items was a Christmas Card but not just any Christmas Card, this was filled with recipes…
Mashed Potatoe Spring Rolls

Mashed Potato Spring Rolls

Few people will tell you that potatoes, rice and plain pasta that they should not be kept in the fridge and that you should throw them away if not eaten. I ain't one to throw away food if it's not bad especially mashed potatoes. So I've…