2019 Honda Pilot Touring: Best SUV For Comfort & Safety

2019 Honda Pilot Touring

Disclaimer: We partnered with Honda Canada in exchange for an honest and authentic review of the 2019 Honda Pilot Touring on this trip. As always, if we don’t love it, we don’t share it!

If you’ve ever been camping, you know the struggle of trying to pack and fit all the things! You need a lot of trunk space and the more space you have, the more stuff you seem to need. We recently went camping with the 2019 Honda Pilot Touring to Cypress Hill Alberta, and let me tell you, without this SUV the trip wouldn’t have been possible!

family camping essentials

For as long as I can remember family has been getting together every August in Saskatoon for my Grandma’s birthday. It’s a lot of work getting to Saskatoon each summer and with my grandma’s passing in October, we decided to change it up and go camping this year.

Only one problem, our family vehicles are VW Golf’s, which won’t get anyone very far with camping gear and two kids.  Thankfully with the 2019 Honda Pilot Touring not only did we have ample room but we arrived safely in comfort and style!

The Honda Pilot Touring comes with a 3rd row that folds down expanding the trunk size from 46.8 cubic feet to 83.9 cubic feet. With the girls buckled safely into the second row in the adjustable captain seats, they hardly noticed any of the camping gear packed in the back or the 15hr drive for that matter!

2019 Honda Pilot Touring
3rd Row which folds down

The 2019 Honda Pilot Touring is truly packed full with all the things necessary to make for one comfortable drive. From the Forward Collision Warning System to the Lane Departure Warning and Lane Keeping Assist System, it is clear that safety and peace of mind are of utmost important to Honda when designing their vehicles and their features.

For this specific trip, we decided to take the more southern route, a journey I’ve never experienced before. But along with taking the road less traveled meant that we experienced some roadways that we (I) were not 100% used to.

2019 Honda Pilot Touring: Best SUV For Comfort & Safety 1

For myself, my anxiety tends to go through the roof when driving on windy roads but the  2019 Honda Pilot Touring truly helped keep my anxiety at bay as my husband drove. The Road Departure Mitigation systems and the Adaptive Cruise Control helped assure me that we were always safe, no matter how convincing my anxiety may have tried to be otherwise.

2019 Honda Pilot Touring

But I know what your thinking, how did we survive in the car for 15 hrs with two kids? Well aside from the sheer comfortability of the ride and the seats, the Honda Pilot Touring was also equipt with an Advanced Rear Entertainment system complete with wireless HEADPHONES and remote control.

2019 Honda Pilot Touring
Are we there yet App

The 10.2 inch high-resolution WSVGA (1024×600) screen, Blu-Ray player is also equipt with embedded media streaming apps so the girls were never bored. Additionally, the Cabin Talk PA system made it easy to get the girls attention whether the movies were on our not, as I could select headphones or speakers to communicate with them if needed.

2019 Honda Pilot Touring

But lastly, one of my favourite features for the drive in the 2019 Honda Pilot Touring was the panoramic moonroof. You can only watch so much TV before you need and should look away from the screen and while we were traveling through mountains and the beautiful countrysides, this afforded the girls another view that they most definitely wouldn’t have had if we were in our VW Golfs.

There are honestly no cons to this vehicle, only pros’. The intuitive, luxurious and forward-thinking technologies that the Honda Pilot Touring is equippt with puts this vehicle high up on our list of favourite family vehicles.  For myself personally, I found the front end a bit big, so I had a bit of a learning curve especially when going from the Golf to a full-size SUV but would I hold it against it? Not for one moment, this vehicle is truly a dream.

2019 Honda Pilot Touring

If you’re in the market for a family SUV that has the comfort of a mini-van with the style and feel of an SUV the 2019 Honda Pilot Touring is for you! Head into your closest Honda dealership to test drive one today! I promise you’ll love it as much as we did!

2019 Honda Pilot Touring 2019 Honda Pilot Touring



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