30 week update

Officially as of yesterday, I am 30 weeks pregnant with baby girl #2 so only 70 days left to go!  The most wonderful thing about all the doctors’ appointments has been that my OB has an ultrasound machine in her office! So I have had a lot more sneak peeks at the baby! My appointment this last week, I was able to see my little girls face and WOW .. she’s a beaut! We had such a great view of this little girl, which we confirmed ONCE again that she is in fact still a girl, but we had such a good view she went over to 3d and I got to see her even more real looking. “I shall call her squishy and she will be mine!”
Everyone meet Squishy!

So far everything looks great, she’s quite confident with her cerclage placement and how everything has progressed so far that she’s given me some time off from her poking and prodding me and letting my GP take over with the poking and prodding, this is probably the most exciting news that I’ve had in a while!

So now down to the details, baby girl squishy is weighing in at 3lbs 3oz’s so far with an estimated date of delivery being November 14th.  Everything is pretty dead on for her measurements which mean, she is healthy and growing and even after all the stress that I’ve been under, I am managing to grow myself a good healthy squishy! I can easily say, 100% it was all worth it! My appointment to have the cerclage removed is booked for October 27th and with Squishy already head down, we are just steps closer to being ready for this arrival of this sweet little girl!

I will now continue on with the rest of this pregnancy, moving into appointments with my GP every two weeks and just keep on getting myself, the baby room and the family ready for the arrival of beautiful baby girl! Deep sigh of relief and a trillion knocks on wood that we are free and clear here!




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