Last week, you may have saw the post called “A Mother Scorned” a tale of customer service that was LESS than stellar! Well, now that the fire is out and the smoke has cleared away a bit, I wanted to update you on how it all played out! Please note a lot of time and energy went into writing this post to ensure that it didn’t appear as if all is forgotten and all is well because there is improvements to be made and there are two sides to every store.. please read on…

Please bear in mind again, my goal is not to trash anyone, no retail store, no person but I will calls it as I sees it!  So the District Manager from West Coast Kids, reached out to me on my personal Facebook page after reading the blog post.  All was settled with the mother in question, and the deposit was being returned. But she wanted to “ask for my opinion on a few things” …. I was skeptical about her interactions with me and will admit, I was feeling a bit guarded and protective because of all I heard. Reluctantly,  I agreed to meet with the District Manager

We agreed upon a time and we were to meet on Tuesday afternoon.  I got in my car and drove down to West Coast Kids with baby Zoe in tow, running behind, and my mommy brain is jumping all over the place, almost fueling my mommy hormones into an anxiety ridden state as to WHAT could possibly happen in this meeting.

So we walk down the street to Traffiq to have coffee, all the meanwhile my brain is going crazy!

“Is she going to attempt to rip me a new one for that post?”

“What will I say if WCK doesn’t own any responsibility?”

“What if she’s rude?”

“Crap my baby is here, I can’t get upset”

The District Manager begins talking with me and discussing how customer service used to be.  I am not the first person to complain about how terrible shopping can be and I most certainly won’t be the last and having come from extensive retail background, I know exactly what she’s talking about.

Companies have policies and procedures put in place for a reason. We’ve all read the warnings and thought,” Why are they warning me not to use the toaster in the bath tub?”  Well, believe it or not, they put that warning there because someone actually used the toaster while in the tub and electrocuted themselves.   We all say  “It’s common sense!” but unfortunately common sense is not very common at all.  So a company will put policies into place to protect themselves for various of reasons and from various customers.  The trick is, to know when to stand by your policy, when to be flexible and accommodating, and having the proper staff comfortable in these situations to deal with it properly for company and your customers.

We sat and converse about various situations, both positive and negative.  We discussed one of the hardest areas in both your business and personal life,  how we react to negative feedback from customers and people in general. She was extremely honest, more honest than I expected. But she explained how when you’re a smaller company (meaning not some box store ie: Babies R Us) and someone complains, it hurts because we tend to react on a personal level.

Well I answered that statement honestly and candidly. I responded in a way that I would normally never respond to someone I had just met. I  simply said,” Well, that’s your first problem!”  It’s something  that every single one of us has done on some level, we take things too personally a lot… I do it myself ALOT.

So…what’s the solution?  Well first, I have to say that we all must remember that there is two sides to every story and most often, especially when reading reviews you won’t hear the other side of the story. It takes a strong person to admit when they’re wrong and it takes an even stronger person to admit that you want help turning things around and that you really want to try! This is where WCK  is at right now!  They’ve made mistakes and they don’t pretend they haven’t  and I encourage you to think back to a time when you were wrong. It’s not fun and sometimes turning it around can be a difficult process, but those who want to right the wrong  and turn the bad into good; will take all steps necessary to do so.

Your comments were heard loud and clear and I believe that WCK will be doing a lot to change the current systems that are in place some of which have been proven to un-effective.  I have personally agreed to come in and do some training sessions in terms of customer service with their staff, how to properly build relationships and trust with your customers; and the power of social media.

I went into this meeting with WCK skeptical and aware of all of your complaints. I went in ready to fight for all of you and I saw the urgency in the company that they really want to make things better and earn your trust again!

So as mothers, we should be the first to understand needing a second chance.  We are not perfect and we make mistakes a lot when parenting and we have tough little critics in our homes, they give us second chances all the time.  While yes it’s different, they love us unconditionally but we’ve all experienced what it feels like to need a second chance. So I ask you to before you throw your final stone…give WCK a second chance!





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  1. Thanks for your post on this matter, and the earlier one too.
    You are right, people deserve chances to learn and grow from their errors but I do have skepticism with how genuine WCK is on this matter. When we had our issue in 2009 (yeap 6 years ago) there was a lot of others reporting to management with similar issues and customer service concerns. why now, after years of problems has management decided there is a problem? I’m sure your article had something to do with it, which is great. I should congratulate WCK management for taking the initiative to meet with you, a well know blogger who wrote something unfavourable and offer them work – brilliant WCK. Oh and WCK store is now advertised on this page let’s hope this brilliance actually translates into change.

    1. Thanks for your kind words. I think the answer to your “why now” question is that when you have more comments coming in from more stores, it is simply no longer a small issue and then when someone such as a blogger posts about it, it officially becomes hard to ignore. To clarify, they did not offer me any work, or compensation or ask me to advertise their store. I met with Robyn, listened to what she had to say and OFFERED to help. I wrote the article because I felt it was necessary after hearing both sides of the story and trust me without trashing someone, there is a lot more to the initial story than anyone let on. But I assure you this post was 100% my doing as was my offer to help with their staff. I have a passion for customer service!

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