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A Mother is bound to worry at least once in their child’s life about whether they’re getting all the nutrients and vitamins they need. I think this is especially true for mothers with young kids. We spend the majority of our time in fear that they are not getting enough of what they need. Thankfully this week, I received some much-needed validation that in the food department, I am doing something right! Did you know that Loblaw has made it their mission to help Canadians achieve their health and wellness goals with the support of their in-store Registered Dietitians’ program?

For some time now, Ava has been refusing to eat meat at dinner time. Finally, exhausted from meal time spats, I then jumped at the chance to meet with a Loblaw Dietitian.  We attended the Loblaw City Market in North Vancouver for a full consultation and grocery store tour. Immediately, impressed by the store’s visual appearance.  It is both bright and welcoming with friendly staff that was eager to assist me in meeting up with the Dietitian.

A Mother's Worry

I met with Jessica Wang to discuss Ava’s eating habits and my concerns. She immediately responded to my worries and assured me that we would find some healthy alternatives! We discussed the food she was eating at meal times, and the ways that I would like to see it improve. Jessica came armed with a handful of take-home knowledge for me from the Dietitians’ of Canada website regarding healthy eating guidelines for a vegetarian child. However, as Ava is still far from being a Vegetarian, the difficulties in regards to the amount of meat she will consume made looking at it from the worst case scenario (full vegetarian) a way to keep perspective.

Part of my frustration come meal time is how to cook a meal that will cater to all. I grew up mainly consuming red meat, Bruce prefers more of a chicken and fish type meal, Zoe is still quite adventurous. Then we have Ava, who will not eat any of those! We thoroughly discussed the food items that Ava would consume throughout the day.

I learned that Ava was already eating the desired amount protein and Iron that a 60 lb, 7-year-old active child would need.  The reassurance that I was doing something right was such a relief!  I was stuck on quantities consumed at meal times and having her eat “proper amounts,” based on an idea that I am not sure where I even got it from! It hadn’t even dawned on me that the suggested amount of servings are for the day and there is no one saying how many servings you should be having at which meal.


We discussed in great detail how to add some new ingredients in fun ways without having to hide it in the meals necessarily.  We did a lovely store tour to discuss different food choices and where to find them in the grocery isles. This was most inspiring, seeing the different items that I would have never looked at before. Then having someone with the knowledge to answer the questions, left me feeling inspired to cook again!

Overall, I left Loblaw with a plethora of information, piece of mind and several new recipes! I never again have to worry about not having the resources to keep my girls healthy. Many Loblaw stores, not only provides these FREE Dietary Consultations, but they also offer a range of FREE services, including:

  • Providing Nutrition check-ups to assess dietary habits
  • Grocery Store Tours to identify healthier choices
  • Health and wellness workshops and lunch and learns tailored to the specific needs of your group
  • Developing custom meal plans based on dietary needs
  • Interactive cooking classes and demos
  • Tips for encouraging your children to try new foods

For more information, visit loblaws.ca/dietitians to take advantage of these FREE services! The peace of mind, the reassurance and the information available to you and your family is priceless.

All Photos were taken by and are copyright to Janette Shearer, Ava to Zoe!

All Juices are done in store with a huge variety of flavours with great prices!


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** I received compensation for this honest review of the Loblaw Registered Dietitians’ Program. All opinions and views expressed in this review are 100% of my own and not influenced by Loblaw.**



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