After 8 Years, Moving On & New Chapters:

Moving on

For 8 years, I’ve had the privilege of walking both my girls to and from school every single day. When I thought of moving on and going back to work, it was important to me that I would still be afforded that privilege. At the time that felt like finding a unicorn, but I knew for me to be a better mom and wife, I needed to go back to work for someone else; I needed stability. Thankfully I lucked out in July 2021 with the best job that allowed me the flexibility to do just that.

As Ava turned 13 in January, we filled out the high school forms and started to think about what this next stage looked like. One day, it suddenly hit me that those next few months would be the LAST few months that I’d ever be walking my girls to the same school. Ava will graduate from high school as Zoe graduates from elementary school.

Moving on

So here we are less than a month to Ava starting Highschool and Zoe carrying on through elementary school without a big sister close by. This moment is the start of moving on, a new chapter both for my girls and myself. Nothing is ending, the book isn’t over, we’re just turning the page to a new chapter. A new chapter full of new adventures, new goals, and new people in our lives. 

Moving on can be scary…

Just like that first day of Kindergarten Ava will learn to be a new fish in a different pond, a bigger pond; full of more people from different backgrounds, ethnicities, and life experiences.  Zoe will be moving on but this time without a sister to hug during the day if she’s feeling overwhelmed.

They will both be moving on to this next chapter of their lives, standing on their own two feet with this mama will be standing on the sidelines, not needed as much… or maybe just in different ways. I watch the way they interact with people, I overhear their conversations with friends and I’m left wondering, did I do enough?

Are they ready to navigate the halls knowing the other isn’t there? Will Ava know how to maneuver these new situations that will test her ability to know right from wrong? Will she flourish in this new environment or will she get lost in all the chaos? What if Zoe is sad? Who will hug her? Did I do enough?

If we’re all turning a page here, where does that leave me? Am I moving on?

If we’re being honest without 100% knowing it, I turned that page back in July of 2021. Going back to work for someone else meant that I’d have to learn to say no to things, prioritize life, and be ok with moving on and letting go of so many things that I previously thought were so important!

Over the next few months, big changes are coming, it’s probably time to make it official..

With my girls growing up, it’s time for me to fully embrace all the moving on and growing up that I’ve done and be present where my passion truly lies. The girls no longer wish to appear in my content as much and I no longer wish to write about some of the “mommy” topics anymore.

moving on

I’m entering into a phase where I have more freedom to continue exploring what Janette- wife, mom of two, marathon runner, NCCP In-Training Endurance Coach, and published author is passionate about. Just that sentence alone blows my mind.. As Lizzo says, “I’m not the girl I was or used to be Uh, b*tch, I might be better”

So what does this moving on all entail?

I am excited to rebrand and turn this corner of the internet into writing for joy and because I choose to, not because I feel I have to. The content shared will be very intentional and truly align with this next stage of life. This next adventure like my current life will be very intentional and authentic; a place of wellness that is all-inclusive regardless of your current life situation as I truly believe it’s important for everyone to know there is always a starting point to taking care of you, even if it’s just consuming a hot coffee.

Wherever you’re at in your life, know that you can always run with me or walk if that’s your jam and my ear is always here for you.

Stay tuned for the next and final blog post on Ava To Zoe.. there’s going to be one incredible giveaway!

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