The Annoying Things I Say To My Children

I love my children; however repeating the same damn redundant phrase several times a day makes Janette a dull girl! Now it’s especially bad if those annoying things are being said before I’ve successfully consumed a coffee.  This makes me slightly murderous! There are these annoying things I say all day long, over and over! The most infuriThe Annoying Things I Say To My Children 1ating thing about parenthood for me anyways, is the constant repeating! Because you know I like hearing myself talk! Make sure you read all the way to the end! We’re giving away one of our Genuine Leather Keychains

1.  “No TV until you’re ready for…” school, for soccer, done your homework, done your chores, got ready for bed… it goes on! Same thing every single day but somehow, every single day this comes as a shock! WHAT???!!!!

2. “Do up your Jacket!”  Are you serious Ava?! Every time we leave the house, I must walk my 8 year old how to prepare ourselves for leaving the home. Yes, you must wear socks! Put on your shoes! Do up your backpack! Must I nag in order to get us out of the house in a timely fashion?

3. “Zoe get your finger out of your nose!” I think the combo of this weather and the age, have turned my sweet little Zoe into a pirate searching for the gold treasure. Goodness, gracious! We’ve got boogers everywhere! My sweater, the walls, couch cushions, and almost anywhere you can think of. You name it; it probably has a booger stuck to it!

4. “No, Zoe, you may not have chocolate/treats at 9:30 am” Seriously, this girl has a sweet tooth these days! She stands in front of the cupboard containing all the good stuff and turns on her sweetest voice, followed by her sweetest smile, “Teets (treats) … Eeease (Please) Mom? Teets?” She does this while turning her head on its side and brings her chubby little hands sweetly up to her face in the sweetest gesture. Good try though!

The Annoying Things I Say To My Children 35. “Stop making your sister scream!” They can be so loving and then so mean all within a few minutes time.  Sisterhood and girls are a foreign territory for me! I often speak with my mom friends about the emotional warfare of girls. I’ve always imagined myself having boys, I get boys! I get the breaking of things, the beating, the funny dumb things that little boys are known to do! Girls.. Goodness I shake my head at some of the things that will devastate Ava’s world.  There is so much emotion wrapped up in these two girls and all they do is scream. Scream at that decibel. You know the one that only dogs can hear!

6. “Be respectful at the dinner table!” Now before I jump into this one, I must say. The table is one place I am not willing to sacrifice manners at. We “pick our battles” anywhere else but I am not willing to sacrifice manners at the dinner table. I spent the time to make her a meal, the least Ava can do is sit at the table like a normal human being. I say, Ava because, at 2, Zoe has no comprehension of manners other than saying “EEASE” when she really wants something!  Now I know you hate my meal miss Ava but do you mind at least sitting nicely and letting the grossed out look on your face speak to how much you detest 95% of my healthy meals!

7. “It’s time to get ready for bed!” Somehow the 8:00 PM bedtime is always a shock. I start the countdown at 7 pm and somehow even after it’s been 7:15, 7:30, 7:35, 7:45, 7:50. Those last 10 minutes, she franti

annoying things

cally looks for some reason to not go to bed. The two of them both chime in.. “Ahh MAN!!!”

I’ve gone back and forth a lot lately on whether other not I should look at maybe getting back into the workforce and these constantly repeated sentences some days sit heavily on my shoulders! Sometimes that grown up interaction is such a blessing however, I think I might miss repeating those sentences!

I want to know can you relate? What is one of the most annoyings thing that you say CONSTANTLY all day long?




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  1. I am so tired of telling everyone that it’s time to get ready for bed!! Like come on people we do it every night!! I think the one that drives me the most nuts is when I tell my four-year-old to start grabbing my 11 month old head . I’ll probably tell him 20 times a day not to grab his brothers head! It drives me bananas!!

  2. I’m so tired of having to tell the boys to be quiet !!!! Like Jesus how many hells does it take to make my point across ! I’m tired. I dot want to hear you scream ?

  3. One i say constantly is, “Back up from the tv!” For some reason. my kids love standing in front of the tv. If they have to wear glasses as teenagers, I will remind them of the moments I fussed at them.

  4. I love this! It makes me feel so much less crazy 🙂 I am so tired of saying “Try just one bite!” How do I make my kids eat veggies without begging???

  5. My little doesn’t speak back yet, and doesn’t follow directions so I haven’t annoyed myself with that yet… My dog however is another story! All day.. No. No. No. That’s not your toy. That’s not your blanket. Off. No. 🙂

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