Quick and Delicious Family Friendly Apple Pork Bites

Apple Pork Bites

On the hunt for a quick, easy appetizer that tastes DARN good?! Look no further! These Slow Cooked Brown Sugar Apple Pork Loin Bites were divine! I might be tooting my own horn a little but for a last-minute dish, they didn’t last long and I’m still craving more.

Last minute, my husband decided to have a BBQ do homemade wings. These take a long time, as he bakes them twice and BBQ’s, it’s a man thing I knew the guests would be hungry! We had some pork loin steaks in the fridge from our local butcher Columbus Meat Market.  This is not a sponsored post by the way, we just actually really enjoy this butcher and being a 3rd generation family business, why not share when you can?!

Pork Loin Steaks

While this would have been better with an actual pork loin from Columbus, we used what we had in the fridge and it turned out amazing! The longest part was waiting for it to slow cook but otherwise, incredibly easy and tasty to boot!

Want to try it out? Follow these simple steps!

What you will need:

3 Pork loin Steaks or one small pork loin

1 loaf of French Bread

1/2 cup of packed brown sugar

1/4 cup of honey

1 tbsp butter

Quick and Delicious Family Friendly Apple Pork Bites 1

1. Slow cook pork loin steaks, I would advise using a pork loin rather than the steaks, however, the steaks will do. Cut small slits into the steaks, season with salt & pepper, and a splash of water. Slow cooked pork on low until they’ve reached an internal temperature of 155 degrees. Remove and let cool completely!

2. While waiting for the pork to cool down, you can cut apples into slices and prepare the Brown Sugar Honey Glaze. Combine brown sugar, honey, and butter into a small frying pan on low heat stirring until it becomes a smooth glaze.

Quick and Delicious Family Friendly Apple Pork Bites 3

3. Cut the pork loin steaks into strips and set aside.

4. Cut the french bread into thin slices and then lightly coat with garlic oil. You can make your own garlic oil using the recipe HERE or simply use olive oil.  Broil until the tops are slightly toasted!

Apple Pork Bites

5. Remove from oven and begin to assemble by placing one loin strip on the bread, followed by one apple slice and finally lightly drizzle the Brown Sugar Honey Glaze on top!  It should look something like this…

Apple Pork Bites

This is the perfect little appetizer for every occasion. The apple and pork are a wonderful combination. The sweetness of the apple really compliments the pork loin and gives the bite a really nice crunch. The glaze is sweet but not overly sweet and lent itself well to the apple, pork and garlic combo! Made roughly 16 bites for 8 people. Double or triple as needed! Bon Appetit!

Brown Sugar Apple Pork Bites




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