A 6 in 1 Baby Cover Solution to a Messy Diaper Bag & Busy Mom Life

Baby Leaf Covers

There is nothing I love more in business than a mom who is getting sh//t done! Unfortunately, my girls are too old for this product but I love the drive and hustle behind this mama who has created a 6 in 1 baby cover that is currently patent pending! You know this mom stands behind her product when she’s putting in the time to have it patented! May I introduce to you Baby Leaf Covers a 6 in 1 Baby Cover.

From time to time I get these emails from moms who have been following along my journey and love my honesty or sense of humor and I cannot help but feel so much gratitude. Y’all know how to win over my heart! As I mentioned both my girls are too old for this item as I don’t breastfeed any longer and Zoe is no longer in an infant car seat but how do you not share a product from a talented mama who was just looking for something to simplify her day! I can relate and I’m sure every mother reading this can relate as well.

Packing a diaper bag is hands down one of my least favourite things about having children. Sometimes I like to fly by the seat of my pants and not bring the whole kitchen and bathroom along for the ride. Staying organized was always a challenge for me, where was this product when my girls were smaller?

Baby CoverTrying to fit everything you need into one small(ish) bag can be nothing shy of frustrating! Nursing Covers, blankets, change of clothes, diapers, bottles etc, the list goes on! Can you make this process easier? Yes absolutely you can! Baby Leaf Covers is a 6 in 1 patent pending baby cover that works as a car seat cover, a nursing cover, a poncho, a scarf, carrier cover, and a swing or cart cover. How handy is that?

I love those stories of a mom who has a problem and creates her own solution. I spend much of my day telling Ava, there are no problems, only a large list of solutions.  Diana is living proof that that saying rings true! Baby Leaf Covers is a product that is versatile, modern and uses sustainable and natural fabric! Baby Leaf Covers are handmade in Canada using Oekotex Standard 100, which was something that I had no idea about until I started shopping local!  This means that that the fabric is free of any harsh dyes or chemicals! These certified organic bamboo blends are delicate on babies skin, breathable and easy to wash, making life as a busy parent a bit easier.

A 6 in 1 Baby Cover Solution to a Messy Diaper Bag & Busy Mom Life 1This baby cover from Baby Leaf retails for $54 CAD and come in a variety of patterns and colours. This product is fit for the busy on the go mom who’s looking to make life a little bit easier! I think we could all stand for a little bit more simplicity in our lives!

For more information on Baby Leaf Covers be sure to follow them here:

Website: www.babyleafcovers.com



Just incase you love this product and want to give it a try, Baby Leaf Covers is currently having a giveaway to give one lucky person a Baby Leaf Cover! Head over to on their Instagram or Facebook page to enter! Winner will be announced February 14, 2017. Head over to and tag a friend who you think would love to win a Baby Leaf Cover.

**We received compensation for sharing this product with you. All opinions expressed in this post are 100% my own!**






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