BC Blueberry Season: The Most Delicious Super Food #GoBlueBC

The beginning of BC Blueberry season is a highly anticipated event in our house! Frozen or fresh my girls simply can’t get enough! It’s safe to say that when we bought our deep freeze it was for the sole purpose of storing frozen Blueberries. Our BC Blueberry farmers produce so many blueberries that we are able to enjoy this superfood all year long, fresh, frozen or even freeze-dried.

Blueberries are that super fruit that my family can truly get behind. These little morsels of blueberry goodness are a good source of fibre and contribute vitamins and minerals including vitamin C, Vitamin K, and manganese, making them a great choice to help meet nutrient needs. Did you know that British Columbia accounts for 98 percent of Canada’s fresh highbush blueberry market and produces 77 million kilograms (170 million pounds) of blueberries annually?

BC Blueberry Season

This past July 15th was BC Blueberry day and my friends at BC Blueberries launched Go Blue BC which is a virtual event running from July 15 until August 3 (BC Day) that is centered around GoBlueBC.ca. Go Blue BC houses everything needed to celebrate the fresh season of this BC-grown superfood.

What will I find at GoBlueBc.ca?

  • Contest to win $1000 in gift cards from White Spot and Triple O’s
  • Links to BC Blueberry producers 
  • How-to videos
  • Chef interviews
  • Grower interviews
  • Recipes
  • Colouring sheets

This online hub at GoBlueBC.ca will house how-to videos, chef and grower interviews, recipes, family-friendly activities, and an exciting grand prize contest. The website will also feature links to all our BC Blueberry producers, helping you find fresh BC blueberries in your area.

Growing up in the prairies the summertime was my favourite time of year because all of the BC Fresh Fruit that would come in. From Okanagan Peaches and Cherries to the BC Blueberries the roadside stands were my favourite. Of course, we enjoyed our local strawberries and Saskatoon Berries but there is something about the blueberries grown right here in BC Blueberry season that were undeniable.

BC Blueberry Season: Did you know? BC Blueberries are a big deal for BC!

With more than 600 highbush blueberry growers during the BC Blueberry season covering more than 30,000 hectares during the BC Blueberry season, this is a busy time for the BC Blueberry Council and its members. 

Besides their amazing taste, why should you buy BC Blueberries over any other? Well for one BC is one of the top high bush blueberry growing regions in the world and ranks as one of the top 10 producers in the world. During the 2019 BC Blueberry season, our farmers harvested approximately 190 million pounds (86,000 tonnes)

Did you also know that One cup (250 ml) of farm fresh and juicy BC blueberries is just 80 calories and contains 3.6 grams of dietary fibre. 

Who is involved in Go Blue BC?

This event is hosted by the BC Blueberry Council and supported by the BC Government’s Buy BC Partnership Program; delivered by the Investment Agriculture Foundation of BC with funding from the Government of British Columbia.

BC Blueberry Season: The Most Delicious Super Food #GoBlueBC 1

Pick your Own Berries

BC Blueberry famers are offering U pick this summer under special COVID-19 protocols. 

If you would like to visit a U-pick farm, remember these considerations:

  • Do not bring your own containers to pick berries
  • Do not eat in the field or taste test the berries
  • Maintain a distance of two meters from those not in your family group, including farm staff
  • Wash your hands with soap (or use hand sanitizer with 60% alcohol or higher) before and after your visit
  • Practice contactless payment if possible- using a card instead of cash
  • Fresh blueberries should be stored covered in the refrigerator and will keep fresh up to 10 days. Only wash just before using. 

Read more on the new U-Pick practices here at bcblueberry.com

Go Blue BC to enter to win $1000 in gift cards

One lucky winner will win $1000 in gift cards! Enter at gobluebc.ca/enter-to-win from July 15 – August 3.

In an online contest (open to residents of British Columbia), families enter to win amazing blueberry-themed prize packs as well as the grand prize, sponsored graciously by White Spot and Triple O’s.

BC Blueberry Season

Find the farm closest to you on GoBlueBC.ca. For ways on how to incorporate BC blueberries into your daily routine, visit bcblueberry.com and visit their social media pages @bcblueberries.



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  1. Summer has not happened until we go to blueberry u-pick. Truly it doesn’t feel right missing it. Then we get home and eat more than our share each and bake all the blueberry infused things we can think of. What’s better?!

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