A Bedroom MakeOver For Zoe Ft: Ikea Kura Bed & Rust-Oleum!

Ikea Kura Bed Makeover

After the Great Crate Challenge at the Home and Garden Show last year, I had a bit of a taste for DIYs. After recreating that piece for Zoe’s room as a bookshelf, I partnered up with my friends at Rust-Oleum to breathe life into a previously loved Ikea Kura Bed for my little Zoe.

We moved into our home six years ago, we only had one child. We freshened up the paint and called it our own. The main floor bedroom was painted pink for the girliest of girly girls Ava. After Zoe’s arrival, Ava decided that it was time to move downstairs into the basement room for a much larger space she could call her own.

Bedroom Makeover

After a while, that pink room felt very overwhelming, almost suffocating. Our little Zoe wasn’t really a pink kind of girl and she was definitely her own person, so very different from her big sis! Sick of the pink walls, it was time to create a space for Zoe that was all her own.

Ikea Kura Bed
After Painting Walls before Bed Makeover

With a specific item in mind, I began the search for the Kura Bed from Ikea! Being on a bit of a budget, I began looking for that specific item at the price I wanted. I watch the Facebook marketplace and kept an eye on all the sales. I knew this was going to take a little bit of patience. And that it did. It would take a few months, but I found the Ikea Kura Bed at the price that I wanted. Maybe it wasn’t the right color, but I knew there was something I could do about that.

Ikea Kura Bed
Original Bed

As a busy mom, buying a bucket of paint to paint each piece by hand was not an option. I needed something easy and convenient, which made the Rust-Oleum all in one flat white paint the perfect medium for me.

So how did I do it?

Every single blue/wood piece of the Ikea Kura bed needed to be painted. I washed every single piece, gave it a gentle once over with a sanding cloth.  One evening, I began spraying each individual piece a nice flat white in the alley behind our home.

Ikea Kura Bed Hack

DISCLAIMER: When working indoors, ensure that you are working in a properly ventilated area with a safe area free of children to let things dry.

Thankfully spray paint doesn’t take long to dry and it adhere’s to most surfaces including plastic!  However, to be safe, I left every piece out for 24hrs to just make sure. With each piece receiving two coats, I went through 10 cans of spray paint from start to finish.

I went to Ikea and replaced all the hardware for the bed just to be safe. This was probably the most difficult Ikea I’ve assembled and only because some of the pieces were previously assembled. This meant I had to skip certain steps when figuring out the instructions.

Two hrs later my little helpers who had so kindly passed me the parts I needed, climbed the ladder and sat proudly looking at what their mama had created. Knowing that I started and finished this project on my own was a very proud moment; even better they learned as women they’re capable of doing anything.

Ikea Kura Bed

The final piece of the puzzle was to install curtains for a secret play space. Zoe is a sensitive soul and creating her a special place to hideaway has helped immensely! BONUS… it doubles as a bunk bed now for when her sis wants to come up and have a sleepover!

I used a pair of old Ikea curtains that were too long anyway, some stitch witch (an iron on hem) and pressure mountain shower curtains from Super Store. VOILA. Honestly, this was such an easy DIY, the hardest was probably assembling the darn bed!  Now stay tuned for the styled finished room…coming soon!


  • 2 Pressure Mounted Shower Curtain Bars

Ikea Kura Bed Makeover

Bedroom Makeover

Ikea Hack

A Bedroom MakeOver For Zoe Ft: Ikea Kura Bed & Rust-Oleum! 1

DISCLAIMER: We partnered with Rust-Oleum in this post. We received all spray paint used in the making of this bed free of charge for inclusion in this post!


Bedroom Makeover Ikea Kura Bed





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  1. When I look at my kids bedroom I just feel like closing the bedroom doors – a complete disaster of old fashion dressers and beds. This bedroom spruces up only by being white and pink. What a nifty idea.

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