The Best Apps For Kids Combine Fun & Learning!

best apps for toddlers

DISCLAIMER: I received compensation for this Best Apps For Kids Post in exchange for an honest review!

If you’re like me, you’ve probably got a handful of different so-called best apps for kids on your phone. This one app does one thing, while that app does another and before you know it you cannot find any of your own apps because the kids have taken over your phone. My friends at Lipa Land have created this really cool kids app that has it all, from music, games, stories and even some craft ideas.

Zoe loves to play little games on my phone; however, I was starting to get annoyed with all of the different apps.  They all have these annoying ads and play options that you can only access as a paid user. Not with Lipa land, you have access to all the games, all the things and might I add, there are no ADS!

Ok so now I know I’ve got you interested, but you are curious what is Lipa Land? Lipa Land is a fun learning based app for kids’ aged 3-6 that turns screen time into real-world adventures. I know you’re saying, “but Janette I’m trying to get my kids away from the screen” and good for you! But let’s be honest here, sometimes, you just need that distraction.

Trust me, Lipa Land knows there is nothing more priceless that the time you spend with your kids. The best apps for kids will create content that inspires us to discover the world side by side, this is Lipa Land!

best apps for toddlers

One of the reasons that I love this app so much is that it’s not limited to games, while those games are educational, there is so much more to Lipa Land. From stories and audiobooks, crafts even down to your lullabies and sounds to help your kids fall asleep at night!

Lipa land is simply one of the best apps for kids out there. Educational specialists created Lipa land based on their own curriculum using the Body, Mind, and World system. This system is the foundation for all content in Lipa Land. Which covers every important area in children’s development.

best apps for toddlers

As parents, we have a great big job of getting out kids ready for school and this is not always easy. Each kid learns differently apps like Lipa land whose focus is not only on fun but also on learning is the perfect way to reach your child in ways maybe you or preschool are not! Thanks to Lipa Land, Zoe’s ability to identify colors, shapes, and language skills are developing daily.

Lipa Land has games for all skill levels, brightly labeled easy, medium and hard, no matter what fun will be had! With no terrible ads to interrupt their fun, you can be assured that when playing Lipa Land, anything they click on is totally safe. Lipa Land is even Kids Safe Certified leaving parents feeling confident that Lipa Land is one of the best apps for kids.  Zoe is able to play games like her big sister but with content suitable for her!

best apps for toddlers

The best apps for kids shouldn’t leave you feeling awful. Lipa Land encourages families to get together to sing songs and discover exciting DIY’s!

Lipa Land is inspiring children’s imaginations with magical stories and audiobooks. They bring fun characters and familiar situations to life with beautiful illustrations. Zoe’s personal favourite story so far is The True Knight and The Princess in The Tower.

Lipa Land also has a progress tab, which allows you to see how much time your child is spending on which games and which ones are played most often. It will also show you what their scores are! This is the option is perfect for parents truly wanting to track their child’s strengths and preferences.

By now, I’m sure you’re wondering, “ok how much does this magical app that truly does it all cost? Once your free trial subsides, Lipa Land is only $6.49 per month! This gives you unlimited access to the stories, audiobooks, activities, and even all the music! Lipa Land truly is your one-stop shop for everything you need/want in the best apps for kids!

best apps for toddlers

Head over to Lipa Land to learn more and don’t forget to head over to the iTunes App store or the Google Play Store to download the app today!



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