#1 Best Mattress For Kids: Endy Review & Promo Code

Best mattress for kids

DISCLAIMER: I received this mattress in exchange for an honest review! All opinions expressed in this best mattress for kids review are 100% my own!

It’s been 100 nights! We’ve had 100 glorious nights of miss Zoe staying and sleeping in her own room. It was at least a year where Zoe would crawl into our bed between my husband and I around 2 am looking for me. Zoe would then sleep peacefully in our bed until 8am the next day! I knew that for our kids, the best mattress for kids was going to be the Canadian made Endy mattress!


As we were approached Zoe’s 4th birthday, we began looking to the year ahead and how much was going to change. Age 4 to 5 is kind of a big year, many kids change quite a bit and I knew that miss Zoe was already growing into such a beautiful young lady! I wanted to make sure that Zoe continued on this path of kindness, love, and eagerness to learn!

Best mattress for kids

The year that Ava began Kindergarten was the year that the school system had a strike, so our eagerness to get into that new routine was stiffened by the uncertainty of the situation with teachers on strike. This was the first time I had truly realized how much the outside world can truly impact my children, both intentionally and unintentionally. Ava’s first experience with school was not as amazing as I had hoped. There were a lot of changes.

best mattress for kids

Why is the Canadian made Endy Mattress the best mattress for kids?

After seeing Ava off to Kindergarten and knowing what a gentle soul Miss Zoe is, establishing those healthy sleep patterns and routines in preparation for Kindergarten is so important. Endy’s unique open-air cell foam provides optimal comfort, firmness, and support.  Without pressure points that tend to happen in a regular coil mattress, Zoe can rest easy and allow her brain to turn off and soak in all the knowledge of the day is brought us!

If there is one thing Zoe definitely got from me it’s the heat factor! We both tend to sleep on the hotter side. While memory foam mattresses sink in the summer and feel firm as a rock in the winter, Endy’s open air cell foam is temperature insensitive. This means the Endy mattress maintains a consistent feel through every Canadian season, no matter the temperature. Plus, the foam’s open air cell technology enhances breathability and cooling throughout the night.

best mattress for kids

One of the things that I love the most about my own Endy mattress is the zero motion transfer. I know that I personally toss and turn quite a bit in my sleep and so far both of my girls have proven themselves to follow along in my footsteps. With each open air cell acting as a mini shock absorber, Zoe drifts off into a deep sleep and isn’t awaken by any movements, not even her own!

endy review best mattress for kids

In addition to the mattress, we opted to get Zoe pillows for her bed as well. As much as her little body needs that support, so does her little head and neck. The 3-layer Endy Pillow has a hypoallergenic fill which allows you to adjust your pillow height. We took half the bamboo charcoal memory foam stuffing out and put it into the provide mesh pouch, which makes for a great travel pillow.  It quickly became a stuffy pillow for her precious “Rainbow Jewellery” Pink Unicorn.

best mattress for kids


Is the Endy mattress actually the best mattress for kids on the market?

100 times Yes! It’s been 100 nights and not only does Zoe settle easier at night after story time but once she is settled in bed, she stays there. Her bedtime routine has created stability and familiarity in order to develop her confidence and self-esteem. Zoe is no longer afraid of trying new things and meeting new friends. After getting the rest she needs, Zoe’s language skills have improved and vocabulary has expanded.
Did you know that Endy just announced their partnership with the fabulous Canadian Urban Barn. While you will still have to place your order online at endy.com, you will be able to head down to 37 Urban Barn stores across Canada to see and test them in person!

Looking to make the purchase the best kids mattress? Use my Endy promo code AVATOZOE50 for $50 off any size mattress!


Endy Promo Code Best mattress for kids




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  1. So cool that they make mattresses for kids too, I still would love to try one of these mattresses for myself, heard a lot of great reviews!

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