How To Blog Beyond The Highlight Reel Of Instagram

No Highlight Reel

Have you Fallen Victim To The Social Media Highlight Reel?

Blogging can be a lonely place and social media these days doesn’t help matters any. It’s hard to hop on Instagram some mornings and see the highlight reel of my peers. I often have a case of the “why not me?” I have to remind myself that these pretty little squares are exactly that, pretty little squares. Blogging extends FAR beyond Instagram! The pretty squares on IG are not always an accurate reflection of the life I actually lead and we all need to remember that social media is a highlight reel!

I feel like Instagram gets the worst rep of all the social media’s. However, I love my Instagram, the pretty squares, the inspiration, motivation, the successes shared and even the challenges.  However, there was a time because of Instagram that I had forgotten about my blog and the reasons it all began! I’ve spent so much time weaving through the highlight reels, attempting to learn the algorithms, filters and what time of day to post, that I forgot that my blog space still has so much to learn!

A few weeks back I began looking into SEO (Search Engine Optimization), I was tired of seeing numbers on my blog that I was not amazed by. I realized that my blog took a back seat to Instagram and the algorithm. This prompted a rabbit hole of all things SEO. Search Engine Optimization is all the things that will help land you on google. When writing blog posts, I use the plug-in Yoast,  some posts are easier to green light than others. I’ve racked my brain being self-taught in this blogging adventure trying to learn Yoast and how to green light. Ask any blogger, most of them will say getting the green light across all areas in Yoast is HARD AF.

After spending the last few weeks digging deep into SEO. I’ve learned so much and I haven’t even scratched the surface. It dawned on me that I began blogging had a lot of amazing successes in my first two years, got cocky and forgot to keep learning. I forgot to keep pushing forward and educating myself, I can admit it! I then learned that not only did I stop learning but some of things I had taught myself, were still being done incorrectly, I’m taking steps to correct all of this.

At the end of the day, you have to remember how you got started. You didn’t get started on the highlight reel of Instagram, you started a blog, the social media usually comes after. Are you blogging weekly? What is your niche? WHO are your readers? What is your Why?

You can throw a pity party for getting overlooked for events or campaigns, or mope about how your numbers aren’t growing as fast as you’d like. You can look in on other peoples highlights reel and wonder “why not me?” ORRRR you can get off your butt, educate yourself and get it done! Life doesn’t stop and/or start at the highlight reel we call Instagram.

I was there, I gave in to the shadowban, I took time away to collect myself, I felt silly after. I gave my head a shake and turned back to my love for those pretty squares and took them for exactly that!  I’ve been the girl with 5 page views on my blog for the day… I’ve been there! Real talk.. I pulled up my pants and took responsibility for my blog. No one else can make my blog successful. No one else can grow my social media, just me, little ol me! So pull up your pants, and refocus your attention on your BLOG, you remember that place where it all began?

HIghlight Reel

Blogging takes more work than I ever imagined, I’ve added several hats to my roster and I’m so incredibly thankful for this journey. It’s not for the weak that’s for sure! It takes a lot of WANT, you constantly have to check yourself.  There are moments when my blog can take precedence over time with my husband and sometimes I will take a few extra moments working on the blog before going to play with the girls. I not only want my blog to succeed, I NEED my blog to succeed and I’m going to fight hell or high water before I let it go!

 3 Tips To Blogging Beyond The Highlight Reel.

1. Blog weekly; if you can, blog several times a week. Give yourself grace when you cannot blog several times a week but celebrate when you can. Promote it, share it with your friends. Find new places to promote your work!

2. When you’re starting to fall victim to perception, refocus your attention. Does Instagram really make or break your blog? Instagram is a just a marketing tool! Maybe you’ll have better reach on Facebook or Twitter? Yes, the algorithm changes has not made things easy. Picture’ve discovered something that people want, have a use for and are potentially making money off of. Are you going to continue to offer it for free?

Most marketing tools offer a free version and then an upgraded version which will unlock everything else to help propel you forward. You’ve got the free version of Instagram, maybe it’s time for an upgrade?

3. HUSTLE….  pull yourself up by your bootstraps, educate yourself and just make it work for you!  Figure out WHO your target readers are, not just your niche, but WHO exactly are you trying to reach? Reconnect with WHY you started!

4. Don’t take things personally if you don’t get invited to an event or campaign, chances are you’re not their ideal fit. Figure out what their fit is exactly, make it happen, reach out, make yourself known. Get in front of it, don’t sit and wait! Only YOU can make yourself success happen. You can do this! Pity parties are lonely, so grab a group of ladies that hustle and take turns lifting each other up!

Hard Work beyond the Highlight Reel
This note below is from my dad when I moved away from the house for the first time when I was 18 years old. I used to keep it on my desk until Ava spilled my water on it and now it stays locked in my safe. “Hi Janette I hope things are going well. Work Hard because your reputation as a hard worker or lazy oaf will proceed you. But take time to smell the roses or you won’t be going anywhere! Love Dad!”


Highlight Reel aside... real talk from Dad!


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