Welcome to Ava to Zoe, our lives A to Z. We’re honoured that you’ve stopped by the blog to see what we are up to. We thought since we’ve expanded, it’s only fair for a little blog explained introduction into all things Ava to Zoe.  Furthermore, the new names of categories have made it easier to find the content that you’re looking for.

Mom Life: This category is where you will find all posts mom related.  You will find some strongly worded posts, and even stories that will make you pee a little when you laugh.  Mom Life is all posts that only a Mom could love!

Family: The Family category will showcase all type of posts that are good for the entire family. A little bit for dad, the kids, moms, or maybe the dog; if dogs could read!

Kids & Babies: These little beings tend to take up more room than you ever expect so it seemed only fair to give them a category of their own! Here you will find all types of posts focusing on everything Kids and Babies.

Food: This is by far one of the most exciting additions to our blog categories. I am no longer focused on just recipes, we will now  include product reviews and restaurant reviews. I am definitely looking to expand and try new things.  Don’t be scared to reach out with any suggestions or collaborations.

Product Reviews: This is pretty straight forward however, this category will continue to feature all of our product reviews! I am excited about this direction and love being able to bring you products made right in my neck of the woods and also from large companies alike. Mom’s trust each other and I am so happy that I’ve gained your trust and respect with the countless reviews we’ve done over the years.

Vancouver Events:  YVR has some amazing venues and some very inspiring people who throw some fun events for the family, for the kids or just for the adults. This is where you will learn more about the events we attend and the fun we have!

Travel: We’ve been bitten by the travel bug!  I am looking forward to traveling more of what beautiful British Columbia, not only with the family but on my own as well. Additionally, we would like to adventure outside of this beautiful country and seeing more of what the world has to offer. With a husband who is a trained videographer and photographer, our family travels make for some fun times. We’d love to come explore your town, your country or your hotel.

If you’d like to see your company, product, city, or venue showcased in any of our blog categories, please do not hesitate to ask!  Contact us using the form above or directly at avatozoeblog@gmail.com