Afternoon Cocktails! Bourbon Peach Smash Recipe

Growing up with brothers, I watched, eavesdropped and even imitated, no not the boys but the girls that hung out with the boys! The guys always wanted to be around the “cool” girls. In my day, those girls drank beer, liked old cars, and liked punk rock music. This is what shaped my teenage years but well let’s be honest here, beer is an acquired taste for females, it wasn’t at the top of my list at that time. Whiskey and Bourbon became my go-to’s, “there ain’t nothing like a girl that likes a good bourbon!” It grew on me, I fell in love! Even as an adult, I still drink bourbon but more grown drinks like this Bourbon Peach Smash Cocktail!

Afternoon Cocktails! Bourbon Peach Smash Recipe 1

There is something about bourbon that speaks to my soul. These days the grown up in me enjoys the taste rather than the fact that “it’ll get ya drunk in hurry”. I grew up on the Canadian prairies.. don’t judge me lol. I dress up my bourbon with nice simple recipes that enhance the bourbon rather than mask it with pop like my teenage self would do!

Afternoon Cocktails! Bourbon Peach Smash Recipe 3

One of my favourite summer time drinks is this very delicious and simple Bourbon Peach Smash Cocktail. With a make ahead of time Peach Simple Syrup this refreshing cocktail is perfect for showers, parties, or your everyday patio time! Or for those days when ‘momming’ is especially hard and quiet time is vital!

You will need per drink:
Okanagan Peaches slices
3-4 Fresh Mint leaves
2 oz Whiskey or bourbon
1 splash Sparkling water
Ice Cubes
Afternoon Cocktails! Bourbon Peach Smash Recipe 5
Place ice cubes in the bottom of the drink, then put in your fresh mint leaves, muddle the leaves with the ice to release the mint flavor into the ice. Pour in 2oz of Bourbon or Whiskey, 1 oz of Peach Simple Syrup and splash of Sparkling Water. Garnish with additional mint leaves and Peach slices. Give it a quick stir to marry the flavours together and ENJOY your Bourbon Peach Smash!
Peach Smash

Are you a Bourbon folk like me? How do you enjoy your Bourbon? On the rocks or in a Peach Smash Cocktail like this?

Afternoon Cocktails! Bourbon Peach Smash Recipe 7

Disclaimer: This is NOT a sponsored post! I was not compensated by Jim Bean in anyway for including them.

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  1. I’ve honestly never tried bourbon but this sounds like a great recipe. It seems to showcase the flavors instead of hiding them!

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