Little Tykes Waffle Blocks- If You Build It They Will Come! {Giveaway}

If you Build It, they will come!

They say, if you build it they will come! This is 100% true with Little Tikes® Waffle Blocks. With two different Waffle Block kits, both kids can have their own fun and not fight over pieces. For the rare moments when the girls get along, they had a blast working together to build the farmyard buildings and then breaking it just as soon thereafter.

Little Tykes Waffle Blocks- If You Build It They Will Come! {Giveaway} 1

One of the great things that I love about the Little Tikes® Waffle Blocks is that they are fun for the entire family and the possibilities are endless! The instruction book inside comes with many examples on how to build the buildings, however, with a  little imagination, you can build almost anything!

Little Tykes Waffle Blocks- If You Build It They Will Come! {Giveaway} 3

I found these to be much sturdier than our previous building blocks and it was much easier to build bigger things with fewer pieces which make for a quick and easy cleanup! It also comes with a little mesh bag to keep all the pieces together and stored nicely at night time when it becomes less child and more adult. I should also mention that because they’re not as small as something like Lego, I am very happy to say that I yet to step on a piece.

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I love these Waffle Blocks, because no matter your age, it’s fun for everyone! It inspires creativity and teamwork between both the young and the middle-aged, I refuse to be lumped into the category of “old” just yet! We build, we break, and we imagine together as a family and have fun seeing who can build one building quicker than the next!

While the box states that it’s for ages 2 to 102, I did find that it was a bit difficult for Zoe at 2.5 but Ava was a pro in no time. The Little Tikes® Waffle Blocks have an easy to use construction block system designed for kids three to seven.  Each kid includes 80+ pieces and figure. The pieces can be stacked flat, snap together and you can also build in any direction.  With four playsets in one, they retail for $34.99,  do the math, that seems like a pretty good deal to me. You can find these available at a Toys “R” Us near you!

Little Tykes Waffle Blocks- If You Build It They Will Come! {Giveaway} 5

Little Tykes Waffle Blocks- If You Build It They Will Come! {Giveaway} 7

My girls have had so much fun playing with these two sets of Little Tikes® Waffle Blocks that they’re giving away both the Farm Set and the Castle set to one lucky CANADIAN reader!  Please enter below!

Disclaimer: We received both kits as compensation for an honest review and giveaway. All opinions expressed are 100% our own!

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49 Responses

  1. seriously hard to decide! my daughters would love both. i think my oldest would love the farm and my youngest would love the castle

  2. I think my godson would like the Farm Set the most, but he’s a little engineer and loves building things and figuring out how they work, so he would love either.

  3. Hm, to be honest I think my kids would love them both equally – they are obsessed with castles, but at the same time their grandparents own a farm so they have a lot of love for farms too. I suppose the castle could be the winner overall though since it looks like it comes with a princess and a dragon – the characters would be the deciding factor for the win!

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