After 8 Years, Moving On & New Chapters:

Moving on

For 8 years, I’ve had the privilege of walking both my girls to and from school every single day. When I thought of moving on and going back to work, it was important to me that I would still be afforded that privilege. At the time that felt like finding a unicorn, but I knew for me […]

CloudMD Review: Virtual Healthcare Made Easy & Convenient

CloudMD Review

There is never a good time to be out of a family Doctor but yet somehow my family has found myself in that exact position for years now. The Virtual Healthcare CloudMD app is a free, secure platform that connects patients like me and my family with physicians for a real-time medical visit without the […]

Osmo Coding Starter Kit Making Screen time Happy Time

Osmo Coding Starter Kit

Disclosure: We received this Osmo Coding Starter Kit in exchange for an honest review and are proud supporters of the Osmo Social Club. The last few months have been filled with more screen time than ever before. Thanks to the Osmo Coding Starter Kit, that screen time hasn’t been all mindless button-pushing but rather coding […]

Spreading Kindness on Pink Shirt Day at Metropolis At Metrotown

Spreading Kindness

Not that we should need a special day for spreading kindness to but we have one and it’s that time of year again! Unfortunately, we’ve all had an experience with bullying.  Either we’ve been bullied, been a bully or know someone who has been bullied. Bullying doesn’t go away until every one of us lead […]

Lego Disney Frozen 2: Building Magical Wintery Moments

Lego Disney Frozen 2

When the Lego Disney Frozen 2 Olaf Kit arrived from I could barely contain my excitement to run in and ask Zoe, “Do you want to build a snowman?” with the biggest grin on my face! Normally, I get a 5-year-old sized eye roll as I like to drop that line from the song at […]