39.4 Weeks.. Still Pregnant!

39.4 weeks Pregnant

official website Don’t get me wrong…. this is not a complaining about being pregnant,” I’m so uncomfortable” Whine, Whine, Whine kind of post.  It is not that, while it’s true, I am uncomfortable and I feel like I whine a whole lot. This is so much more! 39.4 weeks is an accomplishment for a lady with a […]

Hospital Bag; What’s Inside?

30 week update

university dating uk I have been preparing for the last several weeks attempting to pack this hospital bag and it has been rather discouraging. I have  already done this whole filling the hospital bag thing once before, but for some reason this time around, it feels so much complicated.  Could it be simple procrastination has gotten the better of me? It’s been almost 6 […]

30 Week Update: Meet Squishy!

30 week update

you can try here Officially as of yesterday, I am 30 weeks pregnant with baby girl #2 so only 70 days left to go!  The most wonderful thing about all the doctors’ appointments has been that my OB has an ultrasound machine in her office! So I have had a lot more sneak peeks at the baby! My appointment […]