Self-Love Is Not Easy But It’s Worth It!

Self-Love Is Not Easy But It's Worth It! 1

It has officially been a year since this self-love journey began.  You may recall my post from last year where I came clean about how long I had been neglecting myself. I was determined to change. Never in a million years did I picture myself being the one criticizing myself the most! Last year I […]

When I Realized Those Pants Do Make Me Look Fat!

It's The pants!

DISCLAIMER: Before we get started, this post is not intended to make anyone feel bad about themselves but to realize that sometimes it is actually the clothes doing more harm than good or in my case… the pants! Selecting the correct pair of pants for your body is going to help not only you look […]

6 Must Have Beach Bags For Under $30

Beach Bags for making sure you get to the beach!

#BAGSARETHENEWCATS  We collect shoes, necklaces, dresses and purses but what about Beach Bags? Summer is right around the corner. Which means time for bright colours and fun accessories! Looking for a fun place to stash all your beach/pool necessities while trucking the kids off to the beach?  We’ve got the bags for you! My friend Kat […]

My 2017 Top 4 Essentials for Balance in Life, Wife, and Motherhood!

My 2017 Top 4 Essentials for Balance in Life, Wife, and Motherhood! 7

Almost 8 years ago, I had a baby! I knew that change was inevitable, however, I was unaware of how drastically it would change. I was 24 when I got pregnant, and Ava was born just a few months before my 25th birthday. Frequently when asked about babies, people will often respond with, “we’re waiting […]

My 10 Fashion Secrets

My 10 Fashion Secrets 17

Can I tell you my secrets? This is going to be a fun little series outlining some of my secrets within a few of these categories to get to know my path and me. Maybe you’re the same? Maybe you’ve got a similar skeleton in the close? We don’t have to hide; we just need […]