Kick Off the Holidays With A Delicious Cookie Exchange Party!

Cookie Exchange

OK, this is a little bit of a trip down memory lane for me. When I was a kid, cookie exchanges were something we looked forward to during the holidays; it was a chance to try recipes from other families that were different from your own. We’d come away with an assortment of treats that […]

The Most Powerful Apple Cinnamon Cookie Recipe

Apple Cinnamon Vanilla Protein Cookie

Feeding an athletic child can be costly. I swear Ava has a hole in her stomach, there are some meals where she can out eat her mama. On days when we have soccer, this girl can eat us out of house and home. Going through cases of granola bars that were filled with sugar was […]

Delectable Dark Chocolate Cherry Bark With Sea Salt FT. BC Tree Fruits

BC Tree Fruit Cherries

This post has been generously sponsored by BC Tree Fruits, the opinions and language is my own and in no way do they reflect BC Tree Fruits. Growing up in Saskatchewan, the arrival of BC Tree Fruits was the highlight of the summer. The trucks would roll in selling fresh fruit like BC Tree Fruits […]

Simply The Best Kitchen Mixer On The Market

Our Favourite kitchen Mixer

**DISCLAIMER: I received this kitchen mixer from Breville; The Scraper Mixer Pro as compensation for an honest product review and giveaway! All opinions expressed are 100% my own and you know I don’t share it with you if I don’t absolutely LOVE it! If you’ve ever tried to mix Molasses by hand you will know […]

A Delicious Rum & Eggnog Cheesecake For Holiday Entertaining

Rum & Eggnog Cheesecake

Eggnog Cheesecake? Yup, it’s a real thing! Add some rum and you have everyone’s favourite holiday drink in cheesecake form! This post was previously published but I wanted to update the photos and include my recipe for the gingersnap crust. This recipe is very easy but you do have to pay attention! I managed to […]