Breville’s Bambino Plus: A Quality Espresso At Home & Giveaway

Bambino Plus Lavender Latte

Disclaimer: We received the Bambino Plus Espresso Machine from Breville in exchange for an honest review! All opinions expressed are 100% my own! As a busy mom of 2 girls with 3 businesses, life is busy! I’m wearing all the hats and doing all the things thus coffee is life! Let me tell you, my […]

DIY Sweet Simple Okanagan Peach Syrup Recipe

DIY Peach Simple Syrup

I always find these cocktail recipes for Simple Syrup but who actually carries simple syrup at home? Not I… until I became frustrated with trying to find simple syrup! Like all other things in my life, there are no problems, only solutions. If you cannot find it, make it yourself. So with some left over […]

Afternoon Cocktails! Bourbon Peach Smash Recipe

Afternoon Cocktails! Bourbon Peach Smash Recipe 7

Growing up with brothers, I watched, eavesdropped and even imitated, no not the boys but the girls that hung out with the boys! The guys always wanted to be around the “cool” girls. In my day, those girls drank beer, liked old cars, and liked punk rock music. This is what shaped my teenage years […]

Real Life Moments with Pure Leaf

Staying Hydrated With Pure Leaf

Our backyard in the summer time is the focal point of our day! We eat meals out there, the neighbourhood kids play our there, our day starts and stops in our backyard! We get direct sunlight for most of the day, which makes for a lot of fun for the girls, and plenty of leisure […]