Dining In Harrison Hot Springs: A Delicious Adventure Part 2

dining in Harrison Hot Springs

Planning a romantic trip to Harrison Hot Springs during the slower season initially had me a bit worried. Dining in Harrison Hot Springs was another worry on it’s own. Would restaurants be closed for the season? Would we still find the delicious adventure we crave? Last week I shared about our romantic rendezvous to Harrison […]

An Evening of Fondue & Snowshoeing Cypress Mountain

An Evening of Fondue & Snowshoeing Cypress Mountain 1

Disclaimer: I received this Snowshoeing Cypress Mountain experience in partnership with my ambassadorship with the Healthy Family Expo. All opinions expressed are 100% my own! I’ve walked up hill both ways with snow up to my knees in -45 weather and lived to tell the story. I’m kidding but not really! As I’m originally from […]

High Hopes, Subpar Food and Slow Service

High Hopes, Subpar Food and Slow Service 7

Rock Creek Grill is a small restaurant in a newer development on the west side of Saskatoon, where we are currently on vacation. There are actually two locations in Saskatoon. With the other location receiving many wonderful reviews,  I had high hopes for this location. This restaurant tonight was subpar at best. Unfortunately, Rock Creek Grill […]

Lonsdale’s Italian Gem- Gusto Di Quattro

Lonsdale's Italian Gem- Gusto Di Quattro 9

  Growing up in Saskatoon meant limited palette in terms of experiencing authentic foods. My dad was very much a meat and potatoes kind of guy so going for authentic foods was out of the question. Now if we had an authentic italian restaurant like Gusto Di Quattro in Saskatoon, I could almost guarantee we would […]