Customer Service- A Mother Scorned!

Customer Service- A Mother Scorned! 1

online dating zimbabwe harare As a woman myself, I feel like I can say that the paraphrased quote “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned” is accurate on so many levels and then amplified x 1000 when you become a mother.  Bad Customer service + scorned mother + social media = a company’s potential worst nightmare! I scour for deals on […]

That’s IT… I QUIT!

That's IT... I QUIT! 3

my response If this is what life with daughters is truly like then all I can say is… That’s IT… I QUIT! Maybe it’s not just girls, maybe it’s being a parent in general but lately I’m  over it! Please don’t get me wrong, I love my babies but holy Hannah I am done! I need a break, a vacation, […]

Being A Parent Is Hard- Mind Numbingly Hard!

Being A Parent Is Hard- Mind Numbingly Hard! 7

Being a parent is stressful….it’s frustrating, it’s life altering, and mind numbingly HARD!  Now this is where I tell you that along with all those other things, being a parent is beautiful.  That it is rewarding, and you truly don’t know what love is until you see that precious little face smile. Yes it’s all […]

39.4 Weeks.. Still Pregnant!

39.4 weeks Pregnant

Don’t get me wrong…. this is not a complaining about being pregnant,” I’m so uncomfortable” Whine, Whine, Whine kind of post.  It is not that, while it’s true, I am uncomfortable and I feel like I whine a whole lot. This is so much more! 39.4 weeks is an accomplishment for a lady with a […]