Celebrating Success, Life and Love During The Holidays

Celebrating Success

**Disclosure: I have partnered with YMC and The Keg and have received compensation for this post. All opinions in this celebrating success, life and love post are my own.**

The Holidays Are The Time For Celebrating Success

Throughout the year, it has become clear that my family extends far beyond blood. My family now includes an amazing list of close girlfriends who have also been crucial to my success. I have struggled the last 3 years with immediate family growing apart and others living far away. I decided to stick to the positive this year and create new traditions by celebrating success. One of my favourite traditions has been celebrating success, life and love with friends and family with a heaping plate of Prime Rib with a Twice Baked Potato from The Keg Steakhouse + Bar.

Celebrating Success

Growing up dinner at The Keg Steakhouse was a sign of success! It wasn’t an everyday meal, it was a special occasion to mark on the calendar! As the years went on, dinner at the keg became my birthday tradition. It meant that I had successfully lived another year! I lived through the ups and the downs, made it through the success and through the struggle. I took on another year and made it mine!

Celebrating Success

As I mentioned, I’m armed with a very strong army of motivating, powerful, loving women. They have picked me up dusted me off, reminding me why I hustle every day! Together we’ve celebrated many successes over this last year and shed more than a few tears together. Every one of us has our own story but together we are all things successful and amazing! We are family!

Celebrating Success

Did you know I actually found out I was pregnant with our second daughter Zoe on my 30th birthday? We were on our way to dinner with my colleagues at The Keg. I had been feeling awful with a sneaking suspicion that I was pregnant. I had taken a pregnancy test and as we walked out the door, I broke the news to my husband. The staff at the Keg were amazing and they kept my secret.  They helped me participate in the celebration in a way that my colleagues would never know that I was pregnant!

Celebrating Success, Life and Love During The Holidays 1

Looking For Small Ways To Celebrate Success During The Holidays! Make Dinner At The Keg Steakhouse + Bar Is One of Them!

That dining experience cemented my love for The Keg! Extending far beyond delicious food, welcoming decor and knowledgeable staff, they showed me that The Keg truly cared! Fast forward 3 years and as I work hard to make new traditions with husband & daughters during Christmas time, I was reminded that traditions extend to all family.  My girlfriends who have all been working, struggling, hustling and succeeding are my family too.

Celebrating Success, Life and Love During The Holidays 3

Through the hard times, wherever we are or whatever we’re doing, we know that one of us or all of us are just a phone call away. My girls are bloggers, they’re makers and a candlestick maker but honestly, they’re a hardworking bunch and they are my home away from home! I’ve watched these ladies grow from their first market to first bucket list blog campaigns and nailing down large clients.

We spent the evening reflecting on success! What it means to each of us and how we’ve motivated ourselves and each other throughout the year! Over appetizers, we spoke of what both short term and long term success meant to each of us.  For some, long-term success meant dreams of a trip to Rome, or a Range Rover paid for outright on an open highway with all windows down. We all have different dreams and I love that through our differences, we could all agree that moments of celebration always brought us back to the same place, The Keg!

Celebrating Success, Life and Love During The Holidays 5

With full hearts and bellies, we spent the evening celebrating success by congratulating each other on another year! It is truly amazing when women can come together to lift each other up and encourage rather than compete. I heard their dreams and the words that carry them through each day and my heart burst with joy that in this moment beyond anything material, I am most successful because I have friends and family that truly wish for nothing more than my happiness in whatever form that is!

The Keg Steakhouse + Bar is a place to celebrate the holiday season with friends and family. You don’t have to worry about the cleanup, the prep or picky eaters. The Keg allows you to dine in comfort surrounded by the friends and family with laughter, love and show-stopping appetizers, main courses, delectable desserts and thirst-quenching beverages.  This holiday season like most, I cannot be with my immediate family but I can mail them the joy of celebration with a gift card from The Keg.

Celebrating Success, Life and Love During The Holidays 7

Celebrating Success, Life and Love During The Holidays 9

Celebrating Success, Life and Love During The Holidays 11

Celebrating Success, Life and Love During The Holidays 13

Celebrating Success, Life and Love During The Holidays 15

Celebrating Success, Life and Love During The Holidays 17


It can be hard to wear all the hats and do all the things, we get this!  Print off this 8×10 poster of quotes from our inspiring evening for some motivation on getting it done this 2018! The world is yours to take, so lift someone up and make new memories and traditions! Download This PDF of [download-attachment id=”8499″ title=”Celebrating Success quotes”] HERE!

There truly is no better way to tell me you care than with a plate of prime rib with a twice baked potato and a hearty glass of red wine.  Year after year, plate after plate, there is no better dining during the holidays than bringing together your friends and family to celebrate with dinner at The Keg Steakhouse + Bar!

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Celebrating Success





58 Responses

  1. My book club does a Secret Santa and a celebration at someone’s house every year! It’s always fun to bring appies, our baking and celebrate with wine and good company!

  2. We always go to my Mom & Dad’s for Christmas Eve dinner, my sons for Christmas morning brunch and I have the whole family for turkey dinner on boxing day.

  3. My sisters and I have exchanged gifts to each other on Christmas Eve since we were young girls. This tradition has stayed with us into adulthood and is a highlight every year. My husband calls it ‘Sismas’.

  4. Happy Holidays thank yiu avatozoe f9r such a wonderful opportunity #ad #thekeg I’ll he spending my holidays with my grandma shes 75 years young & my parents (dad & stepmom) but they might go to mt currie to see her mom and family plus my kids are in foster care i spend Saturdays with them and those are special important days to me. Sheldon my oldest will he 15 on boxing day so im planning on a dinner he loves ham so does his younger brother Paul (8)! Happy Holidays.

  5. My brother-in-law makes a pinata for the kids. It is usually winter/Christmas themed, but he does sometimes take requests. Love them!

  6. Our holiday traditions are having Christmas eve boxes with new Jammies, a nice treat and a special Christmas movies to watch as a family. Then we spend the morning opening all our gifts then go to family’s house for the afternoon and dinner.

  7. We are just starting to create traditions with our little family (our oldest just turned 5 yesterday and 2.5 yr okd and one on the way). So far my favorite is decorating the tree and making an ornament for it. And we want to do an appetizer evening on christmas eve and watch a movie.

  8. My favourite holiday tradition is baking cookies ? for Santa Claus ? with my two boys on Christmas Eve. We look forward to it every year! Merry Christmas everyone!

  9. We always go to church on Christmas Eve. Christmas morning is always spent at home with family. I love just being together with my loved ones!

  10. My friends and I do have a holiday tradition. We started it about 7 years ago now. Every year we find a day that works where we can all get together and have our own girls christmas. We will actually be celebrating this Saturday 🙂 we all bring a dish and have a huge dinner, some drinks and afterwards we pick names and everyone gets a gift

  11. I haven’t been to a Keg in so long. That would make a great tradition. A current tradition of ours is to walk the neighbourhood and look at the lights and decorations.

  12. One of our traditions is to have a Christmas Eve dinner with both sides of the family. It is always a house full of people but lots of fun.

  13. My friends and I have taken our kids to have a group photo within santa every year since they were born! Going on Year 4 ❤️

  14. We spend Christmas Eve with hubbys cousins family. We don’t see them as much so this has turned into an yearly tradition.
    Now that I have a daughter, we are creating our own traditions! Christmas mornings, we stay in our pjs, open presents and take a picture in front of the tree. My hubby makes a dish he grew up with called Langosh for breakfast.
    FYI I love the Keg! When hubby and I first started dating this was our go to place. We celeberated our 10 year dating anniversary this year at the Keg!

  15. We celebrate all of our milestones at the Keg, including our Anniversary of 32 years on Friday!!
    As for traditions, on Christmas Eve we gather together and order in Chinese Food and wear silly paper hats and then we watch old videos of our 5 children growing up!! It’s a lot of fun!! 🙂

  16. We live in the country. Though everyone gets busy this time of year we do make time to go out with our neighbors for a nice dinner. Every few months in fact. We relax. We catch up on our personal life’s and the local gossip 😉 Every few months & I look forward to it like you would not believe. It’s just good to get out!

  17. Our tradition is to have family together for Christmas Eve. We love celebrating all our birthdays at the Keg. Thank you so much for the chance

  18. i absolutely love the keg. i recently tried their cauliflower steak and oh em gee … i was floored by just how delicious it was!! i think it’s my new fav

  19. My favorite tradition is spending Christmas Eve with my family. With our hectic schedules throughout the year, we rarely get a chance to all be together. Good food and great music!

  20. We trek out to the forest and cut down our own Christmas Tree every year. We make a family day out of it with a bon fire, wiener roast and hot chocolate.

  21. We have close friends that we usually get together with to hang out. Super causal, let the kids play and adults hang out.

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