Is Your Child a Pizzatarian? {A Little Chef’s Birthday Party Giveaway}

If you haven’t had the joy of throwing a party where someone else does all the work, you really should! I was that mom who wanted to throw the party cause it’d be cheaper that way right? I’d get exactly what I wanted right? It’ll be fun right? I’m sorry to burst your bubble but it’s almost NEVER cheaper, nor do you ever get what you want and the clean up after is never fun! Our friends at Rocky Mountain Flat Bread know how to throw a little chef’s birthday party.

Toddlers are a particular bunch sometimes, you know the red cup when they wanted blue and macaroni in a bowl, not on a plate, you know those types of things. I hate to tell you but they almost never get easier as they get older either! My oldest definitely has some particulars for her parties as well and even at 8 years old, Ava still had a blast at the last Rocky Mountain Pizza Party!

Chef Party

You’re probably wondering right now, so how do we make this pizza party happen? Well, you’re asking the right person, I happen to be friends with Rocky Mountain Flatbread.  I’m here to tell you, it’s possible and you WILL love it! You may not get the hot guy jumping out of the cake but you will get a happy child at the end of it so I consider that a WIN.

Kid’s Pizza Making Parties 

Every child loves to be a chef! Your personal party host will guide young chefs in creating their own juice cocktail, rolling out their flatbread dough & adding their favorite toppings & creating their own home made ice cream. Leave the mess to us and enjoy the celebrations! Perfect for all young foodies.

What Is Included:

Get creative colouring your very own chef hat Cocktail making with fresh juice Pizza making fun (roll out the dough & add your favourite toppings) Ice cream making from scratch with organic cream, raw sugar & vanilla Platters of warm double chocolate brownies – plus a birthday candle! Or serve your own nut free birthday cake.

All for just $20 p.p. plus tax

Our Main Street Restaurant takes parties up to 15 people (adults & kids)

Bookings 10 am & 2.30 pm daily.

Our Kitsilano location takes parties up to 15 kids & 15 adults.

Bookings 10 am & 2 pm daily. When over five adults attend the party we do have a surcharge of $15 for EACH adult plus tax. We serve a buffet for the adults including a drink, two slices of artisan pizza & organic salads to share.

To Book Your Party E-Mail:

If that doesn’t sound amazing, I don’t know what does! Fun festivities for the children, teaching them a skill they’ll use forever and ever making food that is GOOD for them (we won’t tell them if you don’t) and Rocky Mountain Flatbread promises to not make you do the dishes after! There has never been a time that I’ve turned down RM Flatbread and I’m not going to start now! You need to try it if you haven’t already been so I’ve partnered up with Rocky Mountain Flatbread and a few of my favourite ladies to give away one Rocky Mountain Flatbread Kids Birthday Party for 10 kids! Value ($200)

Chef's Party

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