Creating New Happier Christmas Traditions With Cricut Maker

Christmas Traditions With Cricut Maker

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One of the best and worst parts of Christmas for me is decorating the Christmas tree. It brings up some memories of years past that does not give me the warm and fuzzies. I spent a few years in a mini grinch like state each Christmas until one year the reason for this Christmas depression hit me, it was the decorations. This year, I was able to create new happier Christmas traditions with Cricut Maker by creating special ornaments for my family.

Christmas Traditions With Cricut Maker

When my parents split 5 years ago, I was given most of the Christmas ornaments that we’d put on the tree each year as growing up. Each year, my brothers and I would decorate the tree until they eventually became “too old” and I continued on year after year decorating the tree.

It was the Baby’s 1st Christmas bulbs, that same tinsel we used year after year and even those exact same lights that were now an emotional trigger. 2004 was the last year that my family will have ever had Christmas together and every time I saw that box with those ornaments, I was sad. The thought of putting up Christmas was enough to make me not want to do it at all.

I needed to acknowledge where the sadness was coming from and grieve the loss of the Christmas I wanted to have. With that came great happiness as I was now able to finally put to rest the sad traditions and create new stories for me and my girls. I boxed up all the old decorations and decided that it was time to invest in our happiness.

I began to replace all the things that made me sad, my friends rallied around me and that Christmas became a year of gifted ornaments. It was then that I realized that my family was no longer just the one I was born into but family for us are the people we choose. When I look at my tree now, I see the family reborn rather than the ghost of Christmas past.

Just how did I create happier Christmas Traditions with Cricut Maker?

It was a no brainer if the decorations were making me so miserable, get new ones but it can be quite costly to invest in new decorations. Plus don’t the homemade ones bring much better memories anyway? Creating those Christmas traditions with Cricut Maker was a definite no brainer.

So why wood? Growing up my Dad had his own business framing houses. Home reno’s, custom furniture were all made by Dad so naturally, wood makes me think of my dad. As he’s two provinces away, having the wood on our tree means he’s with us this Christmas!

Christmas Traditions With Cricut Maker

The Cricut Maker introduced the knife blade earlier in 2018 which makes cutting wood, leather and chipboard easier. Making additional passes the knife blade cuts through wood veneers, balsa wood, and even basswood with ease and precision. Which means you can bring almost anything to life!

Christmas Traditions With Cricut Maker

For this project, I used the basswood as I liked the color and the sturdiness of the wood and new that it’d be the perfect medium for the girls to be able to paint or glue things to. Rather than dwell on the Christmas past, I look forward to using my Cricut Maker to create one of a kind ornaments that get us to stop and spend some time together during the hustle and bustle of the holidays!

So how did I make these Christmas Traditions With Cricut Maker?

Step 1: Open up Cricut Design Space and selecting the shape option, insert a circle and set dimensions to 3.11″ x 3.11″.

Christmas Traditions With Cricut Maker

Step 2: Select another circle, this will be the hole that you tie the string to so it can hang on your tree. I used the dimensions 0.319″ x 0.319″. Place this circle on top of the larger circle in your desired spot and group the two together.

Step 3: Select Text and then decide which font you want to use. I used the Dreamland Font which is one of the Cricut fonts. Place it in your desired location.

Christmas Traditions With Cricut Maker

Step 4: Secure Basswood to Strong Grip mat using masking tape. This is important as if it’s not secure it will shift causing it to cut in the wrong place.

Christmas Traditions With Cricut Maker

Step 5: Cut out all your circles first, and then resecure the circles to your mat and then do the letters! I chose to do them one at a time.

Christmas Traditions With Cricut Maker

Step 6: Paint/Decorate or even leave as is.  Use string or ribbon to tie onto the ornament so that you can hang them on the tree. Voila!

Christmas Traditions With Cricut Maker

Next year the girls want to do designs rather then letters and with how amazing this knife blade is, the possibilities are endless!


Christmas Traditions With Cricut Maker

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  1. These are super cute! Now I wish I got the maker so I can cut wood. ?Sorry to hear you had to go through tough times during the holidays. I can relate to that. But I’m glad this fun project came out of it.

  2. I’ve been wanting to try this since I got my machine. You have convinced me I need to just DO IT! I don’t know why I thought it would be a daunting project.

  3. I still have not used a cricut but I am really curious. I love that you can create and make your own personalized ornaments. Also would make good gifts!

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