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Usually, you always know someone with a truck to help you out when moving? Or you have a friend that can pick up a few things for you because they’re in the area!  But what if you didn’t? Living in Vancouver, it’s becoming harder to find someone who has a vehicle that can do an errand for you.  Look no further, Paul  Stokes and his crew have the perfect solution for you, City Errands, the time-saving service provider.

City Errands can help you complete any task, big or small, they really do have your back!  We were recently offered a kitchen table, with leaf and 4 chairs; the catch? We had to go to Whiterock to get it! Unfortunately, with no way to go get it, we were about to say No when I recalled City Errands and asked if they were able to help us retrieve it.
The lists of what City Errands  CAN do is amazing and I wish I had more errands I needed done because they are so pleasant to deal with, respectful, kind and accommodating!  They worked respectfully within both of our schedules to arrange a time to get the table and deliver it to us in Easy Vancouver.  Were polite and professional both at the pick up location and at our home.  The original owner of the table had nothing but great things to say about Paul and his crew coming into their home.

Upon arriving at our home, after attempting to get the table in through the front door, we realized it wouldn’t fit and had to redirect to the back door of the house.  They managed to get all pieces including an extra item that hadn’t been discussed prior and was a last-minute addition into the home without our oldest daughter even know and the baby slept through it all.  That is not an easy feat right there.  Zoe isn’t the most sound sleepers.

After all that was said and done, they left not only us extremely happy with the service provided but as well as our friend on the pick-up end.  I highly recommend their service to all busy moms, knowing that in a pinch, City Errands can make your week a little less stressful by accomplishing something off your to-do list is a weight off my shoulders. Their website is straight forward, aesthetically pleasing, and with a bunch of their services listed. Paul and his crew are an absolutely dream to deal with!

Next time you need some help, just hand over the To-Do list and watch the list get crossed off. You won’t regret letting them into your life! They truly do provide a Must HAVE service and you won’t regret it. Just tell them Vancity Mommy D sent you!


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