CloudMD Review: Virtual Healthcare Made Easy & Convenient

CloudMD Review

There is never a good time to be out of a family Doctor but yet somehow my family has found myself in that exact position for years now. The Virtual Healthcare CloudMD app is a free, secure platform that connects patients like me and my family with physicians for a real-time medical visit without the wait in a waiting room full of sick people you don’t know.

Before we really dig into it, it’s important to note that CloudMD is video conferencing for non-emergency health concerns. If you have an immediate health emergency, you definitely want to get yourself to your local emergency hospital or call 911.

CloudMD Review

Now let’s really dig into this because there are other video conferencing Virtual Healthcare apps out there. But one of the big things that set CloudMD apart from the others, is when you use CloudMD, each patient will automatically have an electronic chart created that allows provides to quickly access and understand your past and current health status. Imagine not having to reexplain all the issues every time you log back in.

Last year, I hit a wall, I could barely keep my eyes open during the day, I was exhausted all day long. No matter how long I slept, it wasn’t enough. My hands were cold, I was cranky and I had the attention span of a goldfish. Not only was it interfering with my work life but also my ability to be a good parent, I’d fall asleep sitting up and wake up hours later.

Virtual Healthcare

Now there were a lot of speculations made, suspicion, and blood tests but nothing ever did give me a medical diagnosis for what was happening. The 2 months of trying to figure it out, meant a lot of retelling my story over and over in addition to running the new doctor what I had done and what the results were.

Eventually, the symptoms faded and so I carried on about life but it was roughly 2 months of my life that I’m not getting back. From countless blood tests and heart tests, I was ready to move on with life. And all because I didn’t have a family doctor or a platform like CloudMD to create that electronic chart that would have made this journey 1000 times easier on everyone.

The other feature that truly sets CloudMD apart from the rest is that not only are you able to access the app via smartphone, tablet or desktop computer but CloudMD and their doctors are accessible to you outside of the traditional clinic hours. As a busy mom of two, between school, sports and life, we don’t always have the time to fit inside the regular clinic hours so utilizing the service on an evening or weekend is magical.

CloudMD Review

As if going to the doctor wasn’t stressful enough on its own but having to navigate it for kids is a whole other experience, thankfully virtual healthcare like CloudMD makes that process easier and definitely much quicker.

The entire process of signing up for an account, booking your appointments on the time and date that you want was seamless. Once you sign up for that account, you can add dependents which make booking appointments for them even easier. Simply select the child and they will automatically suggest 3 of the next available times. You can even open a calendar to see the other dates and times available if you’re not looking for something at the moment.

Virtual Healthcare

This is definitely an interesting time right now and navigating the fall and winter season can be a bit stressful but with CloudMD bookmarked on your computer or installed on your phone takes one more worry away meaning you can get back to being the best parent you possibly can whether you have a family doctor or not!

Do yourself a favour and check them out. Whether online at their website or head over to your app store, it’s available for both Apple and Android, and download the app today. Don’t forget you can even follow them on Instagram



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  1. This sounds like such a helpful service. So often I’d rather just talk to a doctor from the comfort of my home rather than go into a germy doctor’s office.

  2. I really like this set up. Imagine feeling crappy and having to re-explain our symptoms over and over. That would drive me nuts! And with covid I’d rather avoid a waiting room!

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