About Our Custom Leather Goods & How To Place An Order

Let’s talk Custom leather! After a few hundred keychains so far, I feel like it’s time to really get down to the nitty gritty about our leather and how to order!  First off, the leather we use is called Veg Tan leather, don’t worry, I’ll go further into what that is very shortly. I have a retired leather worker cut the round keychains for me, as he has the proper tools and is able to do it much quicker and efficiently, which keeps cost down!  All other leather pieces are hand cut in my home, from leather hyde are hand selected by me!

Now what is Vegetable Tanned Leather…Vegetable-tanned leather is a nude in colour natural looking leather. You will usually find a few scars and markings on this type of leather. The leather is vegetable-tanned in a traditional process. This process does not involve harsh chemicals. This leather starts in this nude colour, we dampen the leather and then we hand stamp your message onto the leather. Once this has dried, we then dye each piece individually in our home and then wait again for it to dry.  With the smallest of brushes, using black dye, we then fill in each letter one by one. After this is complete and dry, we finish it off by sealing the item with Acrylic Resolene, a water resistant top finish to protect your new leather piece.

With proper care and time, your leather good should develop a beautiful patina, becoming much darker and changing over time. Vegetable tanned leather has a tendency to become softer and lose its stiffness over time. Before applying leather conditioner or cleaner, test a small conspicuous area. Choose a cleaner that will both clean and moisturize without drying. For further information regarding cleaning leather goods, consult a leather cleaning professional. Care for your leather good by keeping it away from severe weather conditions and moisture. Color transfer may occur with dyed leathers

While I aim to be as consistent as possible, I am unfortunately not a machine and due to the nature of leather, there may be slight differences and variations with each letter and colour. Each product will be slightly different, while these variations are small please note products may not be the exact replica of what is pictured on our website.  Branding and slight deviations in your leather good may be apparent.  Please note that leather will soften with time.

Common Questions we are frequently asked

Q. Can you stamp initials on the backside?

A. No unfortunately, leather is not meant to be stamped on both sides. Stamping on the back will leave a slight impression on the front. HOWEVER… our long style keychain can be stamped on both sides as the leather is folded in half essentially.

Q. How much text can I fit on a keychain?

A: For the round keychains in the 1/4 font, I can fit 3 lines of text. Line one can have 5 letters, line 2 can fit 6 letters and line 3 can fit 5 letters. Our 1/8 font and our scripted font can fit larger quotes.

Q. Can you add initials to existing designs?

A. Yes, we can add initials to our existing designs. However, on designs like Mama Bear, we would remove the paws as the initials would fit in its place.  Initials are generally rounded along the bottom.

Q. Do you have any symbol stamps?

A. Yes, I have a heart, paws, baby feet, butterfly, antlers, flower, star, moon, and sun.

Q. How long does it take to make a keychain?

A. First, we dampen the leather, stamp it and then have to let it dry at least 8hrs, then we dye the leather and let that dry overnight. depending on how many coats need to be done, this may take a day or two. Once we are happy with the colour, I fill in all the stamped letters with black dye. This requires a steady hand and a great deal of concentration. I have two children, so generally, I must set aside special time to do this part.  Once that is dry and done, we then seal the keychains and allow the seal to dry overnight.  I then assemble the keychain and they are shipped immediately thereafter.

Q. What is your return policy?

A. All custom orders are 100% non-refundable and non-returnable. There is a disclaimer in every single product listing that reads, “As each keychain is hand stamped, please note that slight variations can occur with the way letters are placed on the leather and may not be perfectly straight as these are handmade and not machine made. As the leather is a natural material, the colour may also slightly vary. Again, as leather is a very natural product and may have small marks, colour spots that are darker than others and even a crack in the colour depending on each piece. I have no way of guaranteeing that there will not be small blemishes!”

Please remember all our items are HANDMADE… and they come full of love and a whole lot of charm!

Please feel free to reach our if you have any questions, concerns or even product suggestions. I’m pretty friendly over here and totally willing to work with you to create a product that you are in love with! Send me an email at avatozoeblog@gmail.com