Customer Service- A Mother Scorned!

As a woman myself, I feel like I can say that the paraphrased quote “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned” is accurate on so many levels and then amplified x 1000 when you become a mother.  Bad Customer service + scorned mother + social media = a company’s potential worst nightmare!

I scour for deals on several Facebook groups and occasionally a post will pop up seeking advice or a mom will post a good deal they saw while out and about, but the other day this particular post popped up from a mother, looking for someone to help her getting her deposit back on a 2014 Cleck Tokidoki all-over print car seat at a certain retailer within BC

I was intrigued and then I was enraged, frustrated and fed up for this mother, what she has endured at the hands of a retail company left me appalled. I spent years managing retail stores and teaching customer service to younger employee’s and how on earth a company can lack so severely in customer service was mind blowing!

FOR SALE (well looking to get my deposit back) for a 2014 Clek Tokidoki.

I put a deposit down for a car seat for this car seat back in February. It took them over 10 weeks to finally get it in (after countless emails and phone calls) and during that time I purchased another one elsewhere. They refuse to give me my deposit back or store credit (even though an error on their end.)

I am looking for someone to pay me my deposit back ($115) and we would go into the store together to pick up the car seat where you would pay the difference (around $415)

Please DM if you are interested or have any questions.

Thank you for your time.

How is this possible?  The post then disappeared and I thought through the powers of social media, this must have been resolved. Surely, after an error on the company’s side, the power of social media and common sense this would have been resolved; no brainer right?!

Mothers united is probably one of the strongest groups I can think of.  When I need support, when I need to know someone has my back, I turn to my mommy groups, I turn to you to help out.

By now, I’d like to think that my loyal readers know me well enough to know that I don’t post negative reviews or comments on companies or people but this needs immediate attention.  As I continued to read the reactions from many other mothers, it was clear to me that this company has a long history of bad choices when dealing in customer service.

“We had a similar situation with a stroller from **** and swore to never ever buy from them again! Sorry you are having similar issues!!”

“I’ve only tried to purchase something from there once online and 10 days after I placed my order and heard nothing, I called them and was told nothing I wanted was in stock. Customer service there is obviously not #1”

“Same thing happened to me when I ordered a car seat adaptor from **** a while back. Long story short, they failed to deliver within the promised delivery time (they said 4-6 weeks but after 2 months nothing was delivered). They gave me some obscure reasons to explain why the item had not been delivered”

And that’s just some of the comments from these moms supporting each other. This group on Facebook has over 5700 members who have all now seen the comments, heard the story and are in full support of this mother.

Did you know:

Positive word of mouth outweighs negative by a 6 to 1 margin. (Source: Keller Fay Group) or  4 out of 5 consumers reverse purchase decisions based on negative online reviews (Source: Cone Inc)

Those statistics all on their own would be enough for me as a former Store Manager to make the right choice and acknowledge my companies wrong doing and refund the deposit (ps.. a Deposit is not a sale). Very early in my retail career, I learned that for every bad experience one person has, they tell 3 friends, now imagine 5700 x 3 people, we are now sitting at over 17,000 people who have heard of this experience.

My point in sharing this story was not to trash the retail store in question, I prefer to let reputations and experiences  individually speak for themselves and have each mother draw their own conclusion, but I had to  share this moms experience to shed light on so many mothers that receive poor customer service.  It’s not just your mothers, it happens all the time, so I reach out to all retailers to step back examine the service your associates are giving your customers, how policies affect your customers experience with you and remember that every shopper that comes through your door is someone’s mother, sister, daughter, aunt, brother, father etc and to treat them how you would like yourself and family to be treated.





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  1. That’s terrible customer service, but we can definitely help amplify this issue and even work with her to get it resolved. Please pass along our website ( to your FB group and let us know what we can do to help get this resolved!

    Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful day.

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