Top 5 Family Camping Essentials For Making Memories

family camping essentials

We received items included in this family camping essentials list in exchange for an honest review! As always, if we don’t love it, I don’t share it!

This summer we loaded the kids and our family camping essentials into the Honda Pilot Touring and took the kids camping. We traveled to Cypress Hills AB and met up with my bro, SIL, my two nephews along with my Dad and his girlfriend. I desperately wanted to see the kids having fun rather than being glued to tablets so I packed our summertime camping essentials and told them to turn off the tablets.

One of the things I looked forward to the most was not doing anything however, this doesn’t always work when it comes to kids. Here is our family camping essentials list of the 5 things that made our camping trip extra fun.

Fujifilm Instax Mini 9

The kids always want to use my phone or camera to take pictures, I think it’s important to see the world through their eyes but not when there is a chance of them breaking something I need for work. The Instax mini was a really fun way for the girls to capture their memories and learn the art of patience as they watched their photos print out. Each child had their own pack of Instax film to take pictures of what they loved about our camping trip.

This camera is a perfect starter camera for kids, as it is easy to use and comes in 5 different colors! Just point, shoot and watch as the photo develops right before their eyes. MAGIC….Retails for $89.99

family camping essentials

Gazillion BubbleCycle from Funrise

If there aren’t bubbles can you even call it summertime? We were first introduced to Gazillion bubbles last year, and seeing as our summer is all bubbles and bikes on repeat, naturally the BubbleCycle from Gazillion Bubbles was a must-have. Did I mention it was a huge hit with the girls and my nephews? Pumping out thousands of bubbles and mimicking the sound of a motorcycle, we had to set timers so that everyone got a turn.

This bubble-making toy has a real motor inside that spins just like a real motorcycle, so kids can role play while enjoying thousands and thousands of bubbles. Ages 3+; $19.99 – $24.99

family camping essentials family camping essentials

Uno by Mattel

In my late teens, I fell in love with Uno, I remember missing curfew because we got wrapped up in games of Uno. This was one of those games on the camping trip where you could be “doing nothing” but having soo much fun!

Uno is all about racing to get rid of your cards before your opponent and to make it even more fun, just before you’re about to yell Uno you get hit with a +4 card or a reverse card throwing your plans for a loop. Ages 7+; $8.99

family camping essentials

Mad Gab by Mattel

This game makes me soo happy and I’m ridiculously good at it if I say so myself. Players try to sound out strange phrases while teammates try to figure out what the phrase actually says. While it says the game is for ages 13+, we had all the kids playing and laughing listening to everyone trip over the silly words they were saying!

This game is a real mouthful… get it?! Ages 13+; $14.99

family camping essentials

And last but not least in our family camping essentials list is the Tile Pro Bluetooth Tracker

Maybe not as fun for the kids but as a parent losing/misplacing items can totally put a damper on the fun. So we brought along the Tile Pro to make sure that we didn’t lose any of the important items like suitcases, bikes or children. The Tile Pro helped us keep tabs on the kids and through the tile itself, I was able to find my cell phone the second night we camped as I forgot it in the bathroom while doing bedtime routines.

family camping essentials

This was the 1st year that we didn’t make the trek back to Saskatoon for my Grandma’s birthday as she passed in October last year. We don’t always handle change very well so I hope that by packing a few extra toys and gadgets, the kids wouldn’t notice as much. Turns out they were able to explore and express themselves more than I had hoped to make this “the best summer ever!”

Turning off the tablets and being kids with the space to explore made for happier kids and parents. Does your family camp? What family camping essentials do you take with you?

family camping essentials





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  1. We love camping but never have time for board games or making bubbles! We’re lucky if we can get our food cooked in time and kids in bed!

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