A Family Favourite Secret Weapon {Review & IG Giveaway}

Secret skincare weapon

Bath time is a tumultuous time in our house, I have to admit, bath time is not fun! I do not look forward to it! Ava was like a fish in the water, Zoe screams bloody murder! I received several emails lately from readers asking about what I do when I cannot buy homemade.  I now pass onto you, one of my favorite secret store-bought products, Cetaphil. Cetaphil has been a family favourite for years, as both my husband and myself use it as well.

Secret Weapon

We all love to support small business but sometimes it’s just not possible, having options is very important. When I first moved to Vancouver, I was attending Blanche Macdonald for their makeup course and we had to have a cleanser, a toner, and a gentle moisturizer in our kit at all times. Cetaphil was the brand that I used in my makeup kit.

When I  met my now husband, and he still has very sensitive skin. Occasionally now and then, it will flare up in anger. Cetaphil was the brand that he would use to help calm it down. I quickly stepped in and taught him to continually use products to avoid those flare ups in the first place.

A Family Favourite Secret Weapon {Review & IG Giveaway} 1

Ava as a baby reacted to all products containing Aloe Vera.  For curious minds, most commercial baby products contain Aloe Vera. Between Ava and my husband, this began my research on the ingredients in our skin care products. It was frustrating trying to find products that Ava wouldn’t react to, she has moved away from a year round sensitivity and now only experiences Eczema in the winter!

Thankfully, Zoe is much more like her mama and doesn’t have any underlying skin issues. We’re both able to use almost any product without adverse effects. I still ensure that I’m using products that are safe for Zoe, and that is why Cetaphil is my number one choice for store bought skin care products for littles.  Cetaphil baby products can be found at many major retailers such as Superstore, Walmart, and Shoppers.  We first began using the Wash & Shampoo and we’ve now moved onto loving all 4 products in the line, Wash & Shampoo, Daily Lotion, Moisturizing Oil and Ultra Moisturizing Wash.

As much as Zoe loathes bath-time, she despises brushing her hair even more! I totally get that, her and I both hair very fine hair, thus guaranteeing we both have a sensitive scalp. We feel every knot no matter how small or large. She cries every single time I brush her hair. Thanks to the Cetaphil Wash & Shampoo it gently cleanses Zoe’s skin and hair without drying it out! It’s a mild and tear-free wash which blends into a smooth later and rinses clean, leaving her hair silky smooth and free of all tangles. I also love the textured non-slip bottle! Any product that can increase productivity and lessen the amount of screaming Zoe does is A-OK in my books! With Calendula extract, Vitamin B5 and Vitamin E, Zoe and I are both happy campers!

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Our other favorite from the Cetaphil Baby collection is the Daily lotion. With the same above mentioned ingredients, Cetaphil went one step further and added Sunflower Seed Oil and Sweet Almond oil to this blend. This lotion absorbs instantly to moisturize and protect your littles skin from dryness.

I cannot say enough good things about this line. I really enjoy it because I know that no matter what city I am in, I can find Cetaphil baby.  Every city has a different water and sometimes it can dry out your skin and I know that so long as I can find a Shoppers Drug Mart, I can find Cetaphil baby which means I have instant peace of mind.

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Cetaphil Baby is Hypoallergenic, and pH balanced. I don’t know that pH balance is discussed enough for people to actually know what your skins correct pH balance levels are but it was one of the first things I learned in makeup school and that very day I tossed out all bars of soaps purchased at commercial retailers.  Furthermore, it is dermatologist tested and pediatrician recommended.

A Family Favourite Secret Weapon {Review & IG Giveaway} 7

With 4 amazing products in the Cetaphil Baby line, I can guarantee that you will find a product that both you and your little one will fall in love with. Zoe loves to pretend to put her lotion on her babies cause it makes her skin feel so piddy (pretty). I personally cannot get over how incredible her hair smells after bath day, it makes our routine bedtime snuggles even more enjoyable! You all know me when I find something I like, I want to share it with all my readers, so I’ve partnered up with Cetaphil to give not 1 but two of my readers the same 4 products that I received. Also remember to head over to the website to get a coupon for $3 off any Cetaphil Baby Product!

Disclosure:  We received products and compensation from Cetaphil in exchange for an honest review and giveaway. This post reflects my personal opinion and our experience of Cetaphil Baby.

White Blanket Shown is the Love Note Blanket by Princess & The Peas 

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