The Truth Behind Beautiful Family Photos

You see these family photos and they’re perfect! The kids all look amazing, parents look happy, the house is beautiful! Why can’t that be me? Today I’m going to make you feel better about your kids who don’t listen, your style that you believe lacks and your “dark & dingy lighting in your house! Keep reading for a few truths behind not just family photos but these tips can also help with content photography.

Ok friends, the biggest truth I can tell you is, that photo probably took FOREVER to actually capture and the photographer luckily somehow got all the stars to align to capture JUST ONE in focus shot!

I’m now going to share with you the photos you hope you’re going to get, with the reality of what is probably actually being captured.  Huge shout out to my girl Kristy Powers Photography for working with me to capture the best family photos and content photos for my blog and social media! When you find someone who “gets you” hold them close and this girl gets me with little to no effort and that’s not easy, ask my husband!

  1. Style/Clothing…

You’re going to want everyone looking their best with perfectly styled beautiful outfits like all those super nice Christmas cards you get at Christmas time when you wonder how the eff did they captured that photo? This is what your kids are probably going to actually look like at first!  family photos

PRO TIP:  Go shopping for kids outfits during the slow time of the day or if you can plan it when a merchandiser is working, you just might luck into getting outfits put together by someone who knows how to put together super cute outfits!

2. Posing

You’re going to want them sitting straight up and smiling for the camera like this…

family photos

BUT you’re going to spend 30 minutes trying to get someone to sit still long enough for the photographer like this

family photos

PRO TIP: Let the kids goof around, let them be silly, let their voices be heard but tell them to remember for every silly photo, mommy gets one nice photo.. (bribes optional)

The Truth Behind Beautiful Family Photos 1

3. Emotions

Everyone looks so darn sweet and happy. Family photos are magical, aren’t they? WRONG!!!! No one wants to have their kids running amuck during a photo session but sometimes if you just let them get it out, often you can move past it quicker.

content photography

Let them goof around! What’s the harm? You end up with photos like this…

The Truth Behind Beautiful Family Photos 3

PRO TIP: Emotions are big, sometimes our kiddo’s cannot quite communicate what’s bugging them. Stop for the hugs and silly faces, sometimes a simple hug can make the world a better place for photos

4. Lighting

Lastly, be aware of your lighting! When planning the places you want to shoot, consider the lighting and angles. Your photographer SHOULD know how to move around to find the best lighting but sometimes the lighting isn’t great to begin with. Like this…

family photos

Moving to the other side, like Kristy has done here will change the look.  Consider lighting when choosing a location.

family photos

PRO TIP: Get your cell phone out and do some test shots of your own before setting the location. Obviously, it won’t tell you EXACTLY what it will look like but you’ll get a solid idea!

content photos

Now my girl Kristy and I go back aways so she knows my style quite well. Kristy was the photographer for both of my Yoga Retreats at Nectar Yoga BNB on Bowen Island.

SO because Kristy is all KINDS OF AMAZING! We’re giving away one free lifestyle photography session Value $400.00! Enter Below!!

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Disclaimer: I received a very good deal from the lovely Kristy Powers for my content/family photos in exchange for inclusion in this blog post! Kristy is also a very dear friend of mine!

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The Truth Behind Beautiful Family Photos 5

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23 Responses

  1. Great tips! I’ve always wanted to do a photo shoot at home but have been hesitant for so many of these reasons! I hope I win!!!!

  2. Oh my gosh, we are so overdue for new family photos. The last time was 5 years ago. Please pick me!

  3. Great tips! I’d use this photography package to update our family photos. It’s been long overdue and the kids just keep getting bigger!

  4. Thanks for the tips, we haven’t had family photos taken in ages and they have been requested from family. Should be fun with 3 little ones!

  5. I would use the photoshoot for a home shoot with my two daughters and I. We never have photos with all of us together 🙂

  6. These photos are great! I love the behind-the-scenes. I’d use this giveaway for some family photos. Our last family photos were two years ago and we’ve had a new baby since then, so we’re due for new photos!!! 🙂

  7. These are some great tips! Beautiful family too. I want to get professional pictures done of my husband and myself. He doesn’t like his picture taken, so it’s like bribing a child.

  8. Outtakes, bloopers, behind the scenes, whatever you want to call them are so helpful and relatable. I thought my family was difficult and wacky. Now I see we’re not the only ones. Lol (I mean that in the nicest way.) 🙂

  9. Great tips! I think that candid shots often turn out to be the best. They make great memories too.

  10. I would use this photo session to get some great shots of myself and my boys…. or maybe myself and hubby for before the wedding or maybe even to display for the wedding!

  11. It always amazes me how photographers get any good photos of my family. The kids are always wild!

  12. I’d love photos of my mom, my sister, my niece, my daughter & myself together. Thank you so much for the chance to win this priceless package. ?????

  13. I would totally use this as a family photo shoot! It’s been a while since we’ve last had one and it would be nice to add some new photos to our wall.

  14. These are some great tips!! It’s always such challenge to get everyone looking and smiling at the same time! Great idea for getting someone to help style outfits for a photoshoot. I never thought about that, but then the kids would look great together and maybe not too matchy. 🙂

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