4 Easy Ways to Create Successful Family Routines

Disclaimer: In this post about family routines, we received some product in exchange as a perk of being an Easy Daysies Mombassador. Some product was already ours! All opinions expressed are 100% my own, and as always, if I don’t love it, I don’t share it!

School is back in, you’re trying to settle into the routine of waking up and getting out the door. There are so many things to remember, the lists just go on and on. We’ve been at the school game for a few years now, however, each year we struggle almost the same as the first year! With an army of products we rely on and a few new ones, this is how we survive family routines

#1. Easy Daysies- My Day Home collection

Each of us girls has our own Easy Daysie Magnetic Schedule because let’s be honest, life happens and anything we can do to make it simpler is welcome! I learned early on in parenting that as long as the job gets done, does it matter what order it happens in? Not really… pick your battle. We have X amount of things to do to get our of the house so let’s give them a visual image reminding them of what needs to happen, let them pick the order and see the joy as they check off their to-do list like mama!

Made of 70% recycled material, these Easy Daysies Magnetic Schedules have been on my must-have list for months now. We all have a bit of anxiety especially in the morning when life happens quickly and this helps children become more co-operative, independent, & less anxious.

family routines

#2. BIC Stationary Pens

Come on now.. who doesn’t love a good pen?! Pens are kind of one of those unwritten (no pun intended) essentials for keeping organized. How many times have you been looking for a pen and cannot find one anywhere? Lots right?! So you know BIC Cristal pens and our BIC Gel-Ocity Quick Dry pens are important and how nothing makes a type A mama feel better than a color-coordinated calendar! Maybe you’re a doodler? Who doesn’t love a fun little doodle in a bright color to bring joy to your day!

family routines

#3. Notebook/Day Planner

Next to my Day Planner is my notebook, always a notebook. Sometimes a good blog title just happens and if you’re not ready with good pens and a notebook then did it even happen? I usually have 2 or 3 notebooks stashed in my bag when I’m feeling exceptionally creative or am out with the kids around and cannot think straight!

My Black on Black 100 year Limited Edition Notebook from Hilroy, is where I make notes, scribbles and all the ramblings of my day. When the idea is permanent and a plan is set, it’ll find it’s way over to the more stylish Notes book from Hilroy.

family routines

and last but definitely not least.. #4 Google Home

There are far too many questions that I don’t remember the answers to. Goodness, when did homework get so hard? Our Google Home has become a part of our family routines as it helps with math, spelling to knock-knock jokes and more! When in doubt, ask Google!

4 Easy Ways to Create Successful Family Routines 1

Routines are what make the world go around. Having visuals is so important not only for kids but for us too! Probably why I create to do “piles” on my kitchen table! With all of these tools in place, we are all destined for success.

Do we still have bumps in the road? Sure do! Are we still going to have bumps in the road? More than likely? Do these 4 tools help us create successful family routines? We wouldn’t be here without them!

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  1. Anything that helps me keep everyone organized is a win in my house! And while I may not have a Google Home, I definitely enjoy coming over and listening to Zoe trying to get Google to play music. <3

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