Foodie Friday- Cold Chicken Wraps

You asked and so I’m going to try my hardest to deliver! Some easy snacks and meals with Foodie Friday!  To start this off, I’m going to give you a really quick simple idea, that’s perfect for a hot day. My child won’t eat it but that’s not to say your won’t either. Cold Chicken wraps!


For this recipe, I had used pre-cooked grilled chicken strips from Walmart, so I actually really did very little cooking but what you should do is once a week grill up some chicken breasts to keep in the fridge for a few days and freeze the rest.  You can actually purchase everything for under $10 and it will make quick easy snacks/lunch for everyone.

If you have a garden and depending on the time of year, all the veggies fresh from the garden are a perfect touch.
You will need

  • copyright 2015 Vancity Mommy D
    copyright 2015 Vancity Mommy D

    Grilled Chicken strips

  • lettuce (could use spinach or kale)
  • Matchstick carrots, or thinly grated carrots
  • cucumbers cut thinly
  • Vermicelli Noodles (a little go a LONG way)
  • Rice Paper (bought at Walmart)


Get your rice paper wet and malleable but not too soft, place it on a soft surface and load it with your veggies  however you want.  You don’t need to use those exact veggies, but these are ones I like and are safe in my family. Avocado’s are a nice touch!



Once you have it ready to wrap, you will begin to wrap it like a soft taco but make sure you do it tight.  One end over, roll it in to ensure it’s snug, bring the sides in and then finish rolling it up!


They are edible as is, however, I like to dip so I make my own Peanut sauce, which I eyeball amounts but here is a recipe you can use, which is not mine but tasty and delicious!  I eyeball amounts because I just like to make enough for that meal but the recipe linked about will make enough for a few meals.


Copyright 2015
Copyright 2015

If you do the chicken ahead of time, you will limit the amount of cooking  and on a hot day.. what more could you ask for?  A quick, easy, delicious cool snack with minimal cooking!



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