Once upon a time I was asked “How do you get Inspired?” by a really good friend.  She looked at me and said,” I don’t understand how do you do it? Writing a blog is so hard!”  It’s a great question and one I took a long time to think about it before I answered her because I wanted to be honest, I wanted to tell her that sometimes I’m not inspired and some days it feels like too much but I wanted her to see that every path of inspiration, whether it works out or not, is part of fun.  It’s part of what this Mommy tribe is all about, leaning on others to be supported, encouraged and to get inspired.

Leading Moms September 25, 2015
Leading Moms September 25, 2015

Todays version of Mom-Approved Mondays is a little different. Rather than feature a product from a business, we are featuring an upcoming event called Leading Moms: Inspirational Talks by Extraordinary Moms hosted by the amazing companies  VancouverMom.Ca, Entrepeneur Mom Now and Jelly Been, and sponsored by some fabulous companies including Springfree Trampoline, Kids and Company, and Rebeca Sehn.

I was once a new mom with PPD and I felt really alone and scared. I didn’t have any friends with children of their own near by to turn too when I was lost, I googled alot!  As any new mom knows Google can be a scary place! I started my blog during my second pregnancy and I still didn’t have many friends in Vancouver with kids. I didn’t want to feel like that 1st time mom, I wanted somewhere to go to voice myself, my fears and my crazy!  Before I knew it, there were many other moms that wanted to join my mommy tribe and take this journey with me!

I get inspired by looking within, what we are doing, where we are in ours lives, what is impacting us and then I think about you, my friends and things you might be going through. I go through my emails and conversations to see what you’re asking. I write every post with the intention of it being just us, two friends sharing over a cup of coffee.  I want to be relatable and honest. I want to make you laugh, to feel safe, to be able to express your crazy and know you’re not alone.

With all that being said, I’m so excited for the upcoming 4th Annual Leading Moms one-day event featuring inspiring talks from extraordinary moms. The speaker line-up includes key influencers in media, arts, health, social change and more. In a mix of performance, video and live talks, our roster of moms will deliver personal talks straight from their heart.


Ctv's Mi Jung Lee
Ctv’s Mi Jung Lee

I’ve heard such fantastic things about this event and the experiences that these Mom’s have had and quite honestly, the chance to be amongst these inspiring women to laugh, to cry and hear about their lives is such an honour and I’m really hoping that you will come too!  Get your Early Bird tickets today by heading over to the Eventbrite Event.  Once the early bird tickets have sold out, you can use the promo-code “lmfriends” to get 15% off the regular ticket price, but trust me you will want to get the early bird tickets first!  This event also has complimentary Childcare courtesy of Kids and Company, pre-registration is required!

This year’s event boasts a fantastic speaker line-up, including award-winning CTV investigative, reporter, anchor and breast cancer survivor Mi-Jung Lee, Transalliance  activist Morgane Oger and super poet Samantha Reynolds.

Designed by Love Designs Shop www.lovedesignsshop.com
Designed by Love Designs Shop www.lovedesignsshop.com

This event is promised to be a day won’t forget, a day to become encouraged, to sit in a room full of love and support and see many other moms just like yourself. This is your moment to get inspired by the strength of these business ladies, moms, wives, sisters and fighters just like you!  So I ask you this, what inspires you? What inspires you, could within this room of Moms! I really hope to see you there! This event is 100% Vancity Mommy D Approved.


Website: http://leadingmoms.ca

Youtube: http://youtube.com/leadingmoms

Facebook – http://facebook.com/leadingmoms

Twitter: @leadingmoms

Springfree Trampoline 2015 Leading Moms Sponsor
Springfree Trampoline 2015 Leading Moms Sponsor

Don’t forget to join us on September 15, 2015, Leading Moms is hosting a Twitter Party and there are prizes to be won! Use hashtag #LMinspire to join us!





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