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As you can probably tell if you’ve been following me for a while Mom-preneurs are kind of my thing.  I love the local shopping we have in Vancouver but not only Vancouver but within Canada and especially when there is a dedicated Mom at the helm of it all! Speaking of dedicated Moms.. this week we have Glitter & Spice up on our Mom- Approved Mondays!

Copyright Janette Shearer Vancity Mommy D
Copyright Janette Shearer Vancity Mommy D

Glitter & Spice makes stylish, safe and functional teething jewellery and accessories for moms, toddlers and babies, that provide your favorite people with something safe to chew on during the rough times we call teething. These necklaces and accessories are made from 100% Food Grade Silicone and Organic untreated wood and are BPA Free!  They contain no Phthalates, lead and PVC.  Glitter & Spice is also the original and very first teething company  in BC to bring you the Teething Oreo

Teething is serious business and for a first time mom, it can make you want to lock yourself in the pantry with a bottle of Wine and 2 Tylenol.  Thankfully Glitter & Spice is here to help ease both your babies pain but yours as well.  Teething Accessories have been around for many, many years but through natural progression they’ve become more and more sophisticated.

“Teething toys have a long history. In England in the 17th–19th centuries, a coral meant a teething toy made of coral, ivory, or bone, often mounted in silver as the handle of a rattle.[5] A museum curator has suggested that these substances were used as “sympathetic magic”[6] and that the animal bone could symbolize animal strength to help the child cope with pain.”  Taken from Teething by Wikipedia

Copyright Janette Shearer Vancity Mommy D
Copyright Janette Shearer Vancity Mommy D

Glitter & Spice is a force to reckon with in every possible way. Lorene Mah with Glitter & Spice is still just a baby in the business world but has accomplished so much, being seen in Harpers Bazar, featured on many blog websites, with a feature in Urbanbaby & Toddler Magazine Fall edition 2015 and as of recently announced she will be attending the Emmy’s Gifting Suites this September, all that and she just start Glitter & Spice in March!

Image Courtesy of Glitter & Spice
Image Courtesy of Glitter & Spice

Anyone that has ever experienced a teething baby can tell you that no two babies are alike and some pop out teeth with no discomfort and some scream and experience so much pain that you will be crying too.  I don’t recall Ava having it too badly  when she was growing teeth but Miss Zoe is definitely giving me a run for my money.  There are so many side effects to teething and a lot of the time, teething is the best excuse for babies behaviour.

I remember with Ava, I didn’t really get to wear necklaces while she teethed because like most babies, everything went into her mouth, unless I was going out with out her, so having something that I could have worn that would have been safe to go into her mouth and would alleviate some discomfort would have been welcomed with open arms.

Copyright Janette Shearer Vancity Mommy D.  Headband by Queen Bead Headbands
Copyright Janette Shearer Vancity Mommy D. Headband by Queen Bead Headbands

That being said, I jumped at the chance to test some of the products from the Glitter & Spice line, from bracelets, to the famous Oreo teether and necklaces for both myself, Zoe and Ava so she didn’t feel left out! Ava loves the necklaces because they are still fun colors and jazz up her outfits with jewellery that she can put on herself.  Zoe adores her Oreo teether, my pebble bracelet and her necklace which matches her big sister! I have to say one of the funnest thing about having two girls is getting stuff that they match in.

I’ve tried a few brands but Glitter & Spice is by far hands down my favorite. I feel like she understands my style and my needs from the length of the cord, to the color selection and the functionality of them. Everywhere I go, I get a ton of compliments, and questions about my chewellery.   I also highly recommend these as well for breastfeeding mothers.

Lorene Mah is one amazing business lady and one that I’m proud to say has become my friend, and has also inspired me with my business.  Did you know that Lorene is the only person behind Glitter & Spice?  It’s her every night after little Emma and Noah have gone to bed, making the necklaces, filling the orders and responding to your emails and messages?

There are too many good things that will be coming out of Glitter & Spice and we couldn’t be more proud to call them a friend of ours.  Safe to say that Lorene Mah with Glitter & Spice is Vancity Mommy D approved!


Both Headbands by QueenBee Headbands and Pink Bandana bib by Paper Airplane

Designed by Love Designs Shop
Designed by Love Designs Shop




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