Going Green with Amo Tierra {Review & Giveaway}

Going Green

I recall believing that the stronger the smell, the better the cleaning product. We have been groomed to believe that the more chemicals a product had, the better  “clean” we would have. Thankfully, we have learned we can achieve the clean we need without overloading our home with chemicals. Amo Tierra is teaching us that we can have a good clean without all the nasties!

There isn’t much that my dear friend Loralei touches that doesn’t turn amazing! She is the epitome of collaboration over competition. I first met Loralei as we both shared a common love for leather. Rather than finding competition, we quickly became friends and found ways to support each other. When Loralei began this company, immediately I was intrigued.  How can I help?

Loralei is my favorite eco-warrior;  and hearing her story touched my heart, especially how she managed to get her husband to take over house cleaning?! This lady has some new secret ability every time I turn around. Her husband hated the smell of vinegar and baking soda! Fast forward to last year, Loralei’s Dad was diagnosed with leukemia; after the initial grief, naturally, came the anger at the potential that carcinogens may have contributed to his condition.
going green
And like a true warrior, she decided to do something about it. She began searching for products that did not contain nasty carcinogens. Just read the ingredients on your current products, you will probably find they contain something you do NOT want in your home.
With all the products on the market,  not one of them would live up to her standard?  Like a true entrepeur,  Loralei began making the products she needed! After much trial and error, Loralei had the tools that she needed to start eliminating the toxic products from her home, and I couldn’t be happier for her for creating the change the world needs!
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Loralei sent me the loveliest basket of products to try in my home in hopes that I would write about them.  I began testing these products and there was no way I could NOT share them with you. We received unscented laundry detergent, both my husband and Ava have sensitive skin, this quickly became one of my favourites!  Two Tablespoons goes a long way! The laundry detergent in combination with the stain remover stick, if you have a toddler, is practically freaking magical! Toilet spray ’cause well… come on, no one wants to leave the bathroom in a smelly state, dish soap, and she even created me a signature scent for a Room and Linen spray called Peppermint Twist. This scent is completely reflective my personality perfectly and did I mention that it was made specifically for me.
Going Green with Amo Tierra {Review & Giveaway} 1

I cannot say that I love one product more than the other, every single green cleaning product worked extremely well. My home smelled amazing,  I knew that everything I used was good for me and my girls! With all products containing plant-based ingredients and therapeutic grade essential oils, I knew that not only was it safe for my family but for my home as well. Everything inside these products comes from the earth and is safe to wash down the drains and that my friends is a certainty I can live with!

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 Disclaimer: I received cleaning products in exchange for an honest review and giveaway!



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  1. Amazing giveaway. I love anything natural, organic, vegan or home made. So excited for the chance to win!

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