A Good Nights Rest At The Westin Bayshore!

Westin Bayshore

Think back as far as you can remember to that last sleep before you had children! You remember how peaceful that rest was? Now rewind to that last sleep you had ALONE! Before you had kids and before you had a partner to share a bed with! What glorious memories those were! Thanks to the Westin Bayshore, I had the opportunity to re-live what that felt. They treated me to a wonderful nights rest in the gorgeous Coal Harbour in Downtown Vancouver. 



 However, sometimes it’s not always possible to have a night away! Sometimes scheduling doesn’t work out. Sometimes grandparents just cannot watch the kids for you. We really need to make the time to take care of ourselves.  Often times that simply means a good nights rest!

I went down memory lane thinking about the last night I enjoyed a solo night in bed to starfish, however, that memory was in the very distant past and I knew that I was beginning to feel deflated in my parenting, my personal goals and within my relationship with my husband! We are caught up in everything else, that my husband and I rarely have time for each other; let alone time for ourselves.

Thank you to the Westin Bayshore for making this happen with a night stay all to myself! I had a glorious King size bed to take advantage of, Cable TV for the evening and pure blissful QUIET! Sounds magical right? As I laid down to rest in the king size bed basking in this time for me, I let the wonder and the guilt simply melt away.  Since my husband works Friday nights, I enlisted in the care of my mother-in-law to come stay for the evening! With my husband at work and my mother-in-law at the house, I knew that all was well in the world and there was nothing to worry about.

A long walk downtown Vancouver was needed! I reflected on the last night that I walked downtown Vancouver on a Friday night! A single lady, child free, with no really large responsibility sitting on my shoulders. I tried to channel that girl again. To my surprise, I didn’t like it! I recalled that loneliness and longing for more. I felt a peace with my life again! We get caught up thinking the grass is greener on the other side. I learned again, that it’s not!

Unfortunately, the room was not equipped with the large bathtub I had been hoping for and with the lack of free Wi-Fi in the room, I had no choice but to unplug and turn off! I opened up my large patio doors, poured a glass of wine and I watched the lights twinkle on the water in the harbour. The sounds of the people rushing, enjoying life came crashing in. I closed the door and headed over to that King size bed, crawled in and slept for the next 12 hours!

Apparently, I needed to rest, to recharge, and to sleep like a baby.. Err wait, like a husband!

Here is my proposal, every month, put away $20 into a jar for safekeeping! At the end of a year, take all that money you saved and get yourself a hotel room, take yourself out for dinner, see a movie alone, get your nails done. Do something for you and then do what I did.. SLEEP. You need it!

A Good Nights Rest with Beautiful view

We were graciously given a free nights stay at the Westin in exchange for this an honest review. All opinions expressed in this post are of my own opinion!



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