Goodbye 2014

As 2014 draws to an end, I thought it time to bid farewell.. Goodbye 2014! What a year! So many things to recap on and I am curious to see what 2015 will bring!


2014 was a huge year for change for me professionally and personally.  Last Christmas, I through it out into the universe that last Christmas, was my final year working in a retail setting.. I never imagined that it would actually come through. 6 days into January I was offered a job that would change how 2014 would unfold.


In February, 2 years later, I finally said good-bye to Billabong Vancouver.  It was my first job after a really bad one that helped me gain stability again and find my youth again! I became the mama bear to a group of 5 young women who challenged me every single day, while the members of the group had changed a bit over 2 year, what never did, was that they were my girls, though much younger, I loved them to the end of the world and I am continually in touch with many of them. They helped me become young again!


March, I celebrated my 30th Birthday and had learned I would become an aunty again and a mother again, I was pregnant with my second baby and my sister in law was expecting her 2nd baby as well! Little did I know that I was about to begin a very wild, challenging and fulfilling adventure!


April, May and June were interesting, a times very slow, and at our times very trying and emotional. I learned a lot about myself, my desires, and my strength!  I learned what I am capable of and became very proud of myself for standing up! June was also the month where I made the adventure into becoming a mommy blogger! I had no idea what I was starting and how crazy in love with it I would fall!


Ava and I spent 5 weeks in Saskatoon this summer with my parents and got to spend sometime with my brother and my sister in law who was expecting with a due date two weeks earlier than mine. I also got to celebrate my Grandmothers 95th birthday and spent a few days with her enjoying all of her great grandbabies! She is truly inspiring!


August and September were family time, we spent these months getting ready for Miss Ava to head into Kindergarten, the moments I had been waiting for all my life, to walk her through those front doors, kiss her on the cheek and watch my baby become a big girl!


November, we welcomed Zoe Dawn Shearer the 4th member of our family.  She is calm, gentle and ever so sweet. She is so much like Ava and yet so different.   I was so overwhelmed by the love and support I received from so many of you mommies! Many companies reached out to wish a Congratulations and send lovely goodies our way! I received emails from the most loveliest of readers with words of well wishes! We are blessed!


December has come and gone so quickly but it has left us so excited to say goodbye and put behind us all of 2014! 2015 sounds promising and I’m excited to share this adventure with each and every one of you! We have a lot of really cool things planned for the year and look forward to all the collaborations, giveaways and fun adventures miss Zoe will be taking us on!


So to each and everyone of you! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking this crazy ride with me, for supporting me and for sharing your lives, your feedback and for listening to my craziness, and enjoying the over spamming of baby pics! Thank you for your patience.

To the fellow Mompreneurs, that I’ve met along the way.. you are inspiring and such kind beautiful souls. You have encouraged, supported me and even inspired me! You’re amazing…Thank you!


To my mommy friends, I said this to my Sister in law the other day on my nephew’s birthday and I think it fits every mommy everywhere….”Congrats on making it another year lol! I know some days it feels hard and that’s because being a parent is hard. As each year passed with Ava, I became more proud of Bruce and I as parents because with all the mistakes you think you might be making or struggles you are having, they live happily for one more year and that is success! It’s the hardest, craziest adventure you could ever take and also the most rewarding and fulfilling one at that! So thank you for being amazing and being you!”


So with all that being said, we say farewell to 2014 and welcome 2015 with open arms.  We hope you have all enjoyed your holiday season and have had plenty of friends, family and love to last you through to next year! January 1st will start the beginning of a new and fabulous Vlog and to start our new year we will be announcing our big plans for January to start this year off right by launching our first vlog post on the 1st.  Stay tuned!



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