Grit: My Word For 2018 & New Years Challenge!

By now I’m sure you’ve said goodbye to 2017 and welcomed 2018 with open arms! We’ve had many ups and many downs. It’s been another incredible year and here you are reading this which means I must be doing something right! I’m trying something different for 2018. I’m challenging you to make 2018 your best by embracing your grit! Who wants to play along?

Self-love has been a word on repeat over here throughout 2016 and 2017. 2018 is going to be a year of action. Self-love is vital every day, even if only for 5 minutes. Making yourself a priority is will enhance your quality of life. You deserve 5 minutes to yourself, heck you deserve more than that but live within whatever is possible for you.  This year I challenge you to actually make the effort to live it every day!

Decide one a week to wake up before the kids to drink your coffee hot. Take advantage of the solo grocery trip and sit in your parked car and relax before you rush home. Small steps are possible, you just have to make the conscious effort to do so!

Give yourself grace for the things you cannot get done today! Be ok with not being a supermom today, or any day! One day of extra screen time isn’t going to make you a bad mom.

Challenge yourself to try new things! My mom would always tell me growing that I can be anything that I wanted to be, I just had to figure out which part of me to use and when. I’ve always had “spunk” however, it always felt like it had a negative connotation to it. As I matured, I realized that it meant I had opportunities that someone with less spunk; the world was my oyster!

I realized once upon a time ago if you are to busy saying no cause you “think” you cannot do something, you’ll never move forward! Ask yourself the next time, “Do I actually not know how to do this?” If you cannot say for certain that cannot do it, challenge yourself, “is this something I can learn?”

I started blogging with no idea what I was actually doing. I am now a blogger, a photographer, a custom leather artisan, who also dabbles in graphic design. Believe it or not, I’ve designed several logos’ including all of own!  I am also the Social Media Photographer for Parent Life Network and Photographer with Captured In Squares. If I didn’t take that chance to challenge myself and learn something new, I would not be sitting where I am.

Your dreams are on the other side of your grit!

Grit: My Word For 2018 & New Years Challenge! 1

Grab 2018 by the horns and make it yours! Don’t politely knock on the door and wait, knock it down!

Dedicate one word to 2018! If you could sum up everything you want to happen in 2018, with one intention, what is that one word?  Mine is Grit… another word that depending on how it was used had a bit of negative connotation. 2018 I am embracing my grit and applying it to every endeavor and I want you to do so as well!

I must learn to embrace my grit, it’s part of what makes me.. ME! I know I am an acquired taste and not everyone is going to love me or find me funny! I know I can come off a bit abrasive or aggressive. I’m not always patient and sometimes I lack gentleness but I can assure you, what you see is what you get!

Grit is the stubborn refusal to quit!

So every month for the entirety of 2018, we will be selecting one person to receive a very special prize each month, the prizes will vary month to month. All you have to do is head over to your own Instagram account and upload a photo of yourself in the act of self-love and use the hashtag #atozselflove.  Not on IG? Email me the photo with permission to post it on my IG if we select you!

Grit: stubborn Refusal to Quit

January’s prize is a $20 GC for Starbucks & a custom genuine leather hand-stamped bookmark from Shop Ava To Zoe. Total prize valued at $45.00 and open to all Canadian & US residents! Good Luck Everyone! In the meantime, download your free Grit Print to help motivate you for the best year of your life! Download your [download-attachment id=”8690″ title=”GRIT Print”] here!






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