Halloween Craft With Toddlers: Spooky Ghost Garland

I’ve never been a Halloween fan and it’s definitely not a secret, however, Zoe’s love for all things spooky is contagious! After accepting a photography position with Parent Life Network, inspired by my dear friend Our Happy Place Blog, my inner Martha Stewart has been coming out in waves lately. This little Spooky Ghost Garland is really cute, easy but also very messy. Consider yourself warned!

Spooky Ghost Garland

What you will need:

A child

White Paint, Zoe is a much more diverse and needed to pick out her own colors, hence the blue, pink etc.

A roll of paper

1 permanent marker



Googly eyes (you can also draw them on yourself)

Patience and Coffee!

We made a garland out of our ghosts but you can also just make a print to frame or even cut them out like we did and send them to grandparents or friends who cannot be there the night of! We used paper plates for the paint and then gently pressed Zoe’s feet into the paint and squished it around to cover the entire foot.


Gently place the foot down on the roll of paper wherever you wish. Repeat until you have the desired amount of footprints. If you wish to do multiple ghosts of different colors like we did, use a different plate for each color and rinse between colours.

Ghost Footprint Craft

Once the paint has dried, you can either glue googly eyes on or use a black marker to draw the eyes in, additionally, you will want to draw in the mouth, we added in a BOOOO for any confusion. Once everything is dry, cut each ghost out like we did below.

Ghost cut outs

Assemble them in the order that you’d like and then glue yarn to the back of ghosts.  Wait for that to dry. Like I said, there are many things that you can do with these prints.  If you don’t want to make a garland, just ignore this step!

You could also do the prints directly onto pumpkins and decorate that way.  Additionally, you can cut them out as cards to send to loved ones. Just be prepared for the Halloween fun leading up to the big day with this simple ghost garland DIY. Zoe’s practicing her best Trick or Treat and we’re only a week away… wish me luck!

Ghost Garland


Spooky Ghost Garland: A Halloween Craft with Toddlers!




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  1. This garland is so cute! I love when themed crafts come together and work out so nicely. PLUS, if you are able to keep this, you can bring it out and admire how teeny tiny her feet once were!

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