Family Secrets To Happy Car Travel With Toddlers!

Car Travel with Kids

What do you get when you put a toddler in a car to travel 17 hrs with a husband who wants to “make good time”…. a mom who needs a drink! #truestory! Every year I psych myself up for a long torturous travel back to Saskatchewan for my grandmothers birthday. Most of the time I fly but occasionally my husband agrees to come along and then we drive! I gather my list of must haves which increases my odds of surviving a toddler road trip!

1. Snacks are pretty obvious, all parents know a fed kid is a happy kid. Zoe is no exception to this rule! You can actually see her hanger melt away as you feed her. Zoe lives for popcorn so this is a pretty easy snack. Aside from crumbs, popcorn is an easy to manage travel essential. Throw in some healthy food pouches from the lovely local Love Child and Zoe is content. It’s a great way to make sure your toddler is getting the good stuff without having to stop every 20 minutes.

Family Secrets To Happy Car Travel With Toddlers! 1

2.  A Leak-proof sippy Cup. When Playtex came out with a Peppa Pig cup, naturally we had to go and buy one. With double walled insulation, this cup keeps drinks cool twice as long!

Family Secrets To Happy Car Travel With Toddlers! 3

3. Entertainment is key, from toys to stuffies, keeping their little hands entertained means they’re less likely to whine. Two things that added to our entertainment roster was a water colouring book from Melisa and Doug and an IPad. The Portable DVD player had broken and with my husband bringing work on vacation, we had his work IPad to use.  With a few simple downloads and our favourite babysitter, Netflix was entertaining Zoe in no time. Did you know that you can download your favourite shows right to the IPad so when you’re out of Wifi range you still have access to their favourite shows?

You can do so by logging into your Netflix app on your IPad, choose the appropriate profile and select the icon in top left corner with 4 lines and you will then find Available for Download and you will find all the programs available to download. They will save them to your account for easy watching! Life saver!

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4. Lastly, one of the most important things for us was a good blanky. Zoe is a cuddler, she loves to touch and rub and being out of reach of mama just is not an option! My dear friend Christa from Princess & The Peas originally started making this incredible fitted crib sheet with two different sayings on them, my heart swooned. Eventually, as many of us entrepreneurs do we add new items, take out ones that don’t work and we the old and that she did! Christa added into her beautiful collection of crib sheets, Merino Wool blankets and my favourite the Love Note Blanket. I knew Zoe had to have one!

Family Secrets To Happy Car Travel With Toddlers! 7

This monochrome throw blanket has been handmade using 100% GOTS Certified Organic Cotton Knit and have been backed with an ultra luxurious super plush minky, meaning it’s extra soft and cuddly. It’s the perfect blanket for lounging on the couch or a cuddle buddy during a long car ride.

Car Travel with Toddlers can be difficult but it is possible! We had a great time with Zoe on our trip. She handled it like a champ and we managed to make our way across 3 provinces, over 1600 KM each way and over 34 hours in a car with next to no tantrums. Maybe one or two from me, I don’t do well with a lack of coffee! All combined, we wrapped miss Zoe in her comfy love notes blankey, turned on Netflix when it got unbearable and we made it and in not bad time too! Thankfully my Dad had a drink waiting for me upon arrival. Happy Travel Friends!

Family Secrets To Happy Car Travel With Toddlers! 9

*Disclosure: We received the Love Notes Blanket for inclusion in this travel post. All opinions in the post are 100% my own. All other companies involved were done so because, like Princess & The Peas, we truly love them and use them in our day to day life!

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  1. Yes! Great tips for all ages. Mine are almost five and six now and toys, notebooks and colored pencils, spill proof containers, snacks, and their favorite toy they sleep with is essential. And in my daughter’s case, shoes she can easily take off and put back on when we get out of the car. (She hates wearing shoes in the car. lol) Great list! 🙂

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