Oh hi there!  Have we met before? Yes? Welcome back.. notice anything different?  No?  Nice to meet you!

Here we are my one year blog-iversary has come and gone. Some of you are new to my craziness and some of you have been following me since I announced the gender of baby no. 2.  Either way, I’m happy you’re he!


Vancity Mommy D started mid June 2014, after I was placed on Sick leave from my job doing wholesale distribution for a local retail lifestyle company. As my leave was unexpected, I was kind of stuck.. what am I going to do? I was on bed rest with Ava at 20 weeks on and it was almost the death of me! I knew I couldn’t do it again, I needed to be social.  Thankfully this time I wasn’t on bed rest but I wasn’t to do anything strenuous etc.. What can I do that’s social but low key?


I had lunch one day with a former employee from my time managing the Billabong Store on West 4th, who was a seasonal employee who came on as Xmas help as she was in Vancouver from Germany for a year.  We were about to ask her to stay on Full time when she was offered a position with a PR company in Germany that she had always wanted to work for. Long story short, she left us but I had already fallen in love, so when she came back in June to visit, I jumped at the chance to catch up.


She spoke with me for some time about her job at the PR firm and what she was doing for them.  She had told me stories of these bloggers who get paid to travel or eat, depending on what the blog was pertaining too. This idea tempted me but in speaking with my husband, he was telling me how hard it is to be a blogger, I laughed and secretly, it made me want to do it more (I think he knows this about me) and don’t tell him but I’m thankful for it!


So I started Vancity Mommy D on a blogspot account as Full-time Mommy Dearest, because I had originally wanted to write about being a full time mommy and I had made the joke before as all my previous employee’s are 8+ years younger than me that I was  their “Mommy Dearest”. So I started to write as a way to document my pregnancy with my second baby for my friends and family back in Saskatchewan and maybe let me crazy out a bit!


I wrote a few posts, not seriously but people laughed.  They actually laughed at my quirky, crazy attempt at motherhood.  They read my blog!  So I kept posting and people kept reading and then people asked me for opinions and reviews. My mind was blown, this was actually becoming something! A small something but it’s MY something! I looked into switching over to my own website and get rid of my BlogSpot account but the website Mommy Dearest was really expensive to buy.. so I became Vancity Mommy D ( Dearest).. get it?… You like what I did there?


So it grew and I knew I could never go back to work full time for someone else. I didn’t want to be  number anymore. I wanted to write! I wanted to publish my writing! I wrote my 1st book in grade 2 I think (yes I still have it!)


Now almost a year later and I have achieved more than I could have EVER dreamed of and there is no sign of slowing down.  I was name one of the Top Vancouver Mom Blogs for Chatterblock.com, I became a Mommy Ambassador for Urban Baby & Toddler Magazine and have conducted many reviews for local BC companies and many others throughout Canada including GoGo squeeZ.  Most recently, I was nominated for VancouverMom.ca’s Top 30 Vancouver Mom Bloggers, I didn’t win BUT I met some of the most inspiring and creative women with whom I am so thankful for.  This entire journey has been a huge honor and I’m so grateful for all of you!


There are so many different things that I have in mind for the next year and again, none of this would be possible with companies and viewers like you, who have welcomed my crazy attempt at mothering and my little family with welcome arms.  I want to continue to write about things that matter to me and to you too so please don’t hesitate to drop me a line and let me know what ideas you have! It’s only going up from here so again Thank you and we hope you’ll stick around!





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  1. It’s great to hear how you started your oh! I just recently started mine a few months ago and I hope to be where you are when mine is a year old! Do you have any advice for a beginner? It seems like you accomplished so much in such a short period of time. Any advice would be welcome! 🙂 thanks for the post!

    1. Hey Samantha, Sorry it took me so long to get back to you. Best advice that I can give you that even I still struggle with is.. “JUST ASK!”. You will want a lot of things and see things that people do but perception is a bitch and you need to just ASK for what you want. Worst thing to happen is they say no.. ok move on! Always be consistent and share share share! I can’t wait to see the places you will go! Skies the limit my friend!

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