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We can spend an entire lifetime looking for products that we trust to use on our family, our entire family from the youngest to the oldest!  Let me ask you this.. how often do you find that product you trust and rely on for use for your baby and yourself?  Look in your cupboards, how many of those products are safe to use on either person?  With Haven Living, you have just that!

“Haven Living’s natural aroma-therapeutic body care products are hand made in small batches, to ensure longevity and freshness. Created by an esthetician using 100% natural ingredients and aromatic blends of essential oils, all our products are carefully created with the perfect blend to promote healing and balance for your skin.”

Scrolling through the Facebook or perhaps it was Instagram, I came across this photo of Haven Living’s just released Grounds Body Pumice and that was it, I knew that I needed to know more.  I spent approximately the next hour fully submerged in everything that was Haven Living.  I went through the facebook page, the instagram account and it didn’t take long for my appreciation to develop beyond simple admiration!


My new friend, Desja Walker, owner of Haven Living, graciously sent over some products to try out and I have to say not only is the product just divine, but the packaging as well screams sophistication and simplicity.  It is so very clear from the moment you open a package from Haven Living that there are no tricks or hidden agendas behind what these products and this lifestyle will do for not only your well being but your families well being too.

The 1st product received was the Body Polishing Scrub – Grove  which has become a family favorite for my husband and I.  My husband who has always suffered from some skin irritations which has left his skin in certain places dry, uncomfortable, red and irritated.  He has begun to use this twice a day and the changes after just one day have been incredible! The discomfort has subsided and he has seen a significant reduction in redness.

I have noticed the same results for myself but in terms of moisturizing my hormonal skin and I’d like to say that it’s also been helpful in reducing the appearance in stretch marks.  Using this product for the last several weeks in my pregnancy has been an incredible relief.  I tend to put on the “worst” of my weight towards the end of my pregnancies so being productive in being ahead of the game has lifted my spirits and provided  peace of mind, for behind Haven Living is only the finest of ingredients with a team that stands behind their customers and their company philosophy whole heartedly.

“All of our hand crafted products are created by an esthetician, using 100% natural ingredients that consist of locally sourced, organic and non-GMO raw materials, and aromatic blends of pure essential oils.”

We also received Sprout- Baby Skin Care Collection, which my daughter, who is 5 has thoroughly enjoyed so far!  Ava is much like her father, in that she does tend to have skin that is slightly more delicate and sensitive.  We had experienced a time with Ava as an infant,  when I had to remove any products that contained Aloe Vera from our diaper/bath routine as it seemed to do a lot more harm than good and was “scalded” on her sweet little bum as a baby. There is something to be said about products that are created in smaller batches to assure quality and consistency rather than the Aloe that is pumped into these mass produced baby products you purchase generically at the big box stores that claim to be safe for our children.


Now the smallest of scratches, nicks, rubs can get this girl up in arms and she wants either a band-aid or to put “cream” on it.   Thanks to The Sprout Collection, I now have something that I will be able to use on both my 5 year old and my newborn.


I begin with the  Soothing Spray for Sore Skin which is a “soothing fine mist, for intense diaper rash, sunburns, or other skin irritations that are too painful to touch.” This is a product that I can see going over well for my entire family.  From the intense sunburns my husband gets in the summer, the playground war wounds my daughter can acquire, and diaper rash I’m sure we will experience with our newest little soon to be.  I also think that this will come in use for myself during the postpartum phase.  In speaking with Desja Walker, she has assured me that it would be safe to use postpartum as, “It has a witch hazel and aloe extract base with lavender for healing and soothing. The avocado oils and vitamin e are great emollients and aid in healing.”


Follow with the  Salve – Healing Balm , which “acts as moisture barrier to nourish and heal dry, damaged yet delicate skin.”  My daughter walks away content and I am relieved to know that I’ve provided her with relief in the most gentle and natural way I possibly could.


The final product in the Sprout Collection is the gentle cleansing bar which has a rounded shape that fits perfectly in the heel of your hand to aid in the one-handed bath time with a slippery newborn!  This one I have saved for the baby which should be gracing us with her presence any day now.   The Sprout Goats Milk Soap is Hypo-Allergenic, Non-Comedogenic, Biodegradable, contains No Detergents, No Surfactants, No Sulfates, No Alcohol, No Sugar Solutions, with No Animal Testing. It is Gluten Free with a food grade plant base, derived from sustainable growers. It contains pure essential oils for fragrance and zero synthetics. It contains 10% pure liquid goats milk in a 100% pure natural glycerine soap base. It is GMO free.


Knowing that a caring and loving mother of 3 spent a lot of time to create products for not only her own family but for your family and my family, gives me  peace of mind that I trust using on my entire family from my husband, myself, my daughter and soon to be newborn.  Desja Walker, and Haven Living’s dedication and commitment to quality and excellence surpass all expectations.


Haven Living is a welcome addition to my family, one that I’m happy to see in all area’s of my house! I’m proud this product comes from one incredible mama who’s drive and passion is an entity all on it’s own.


For more information on the Sprout Soap, the Body Polish and all things Haven Living, please click on the link provided and read the blog.  You will also find a list of Stockists who carry the product, or you can order online.  You can also expect to see the Haven Living store opening mid November with some brilliant Christmas Must- Haves in stock!



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