High Risk Pregnancy

I’ve officially entered the beginning of my third and final trimester of my High Risk pregnancy! I’m officially 28 weeks pregnant today!  I was diagnosed with a common pregnancy problem during my 1st pregnancy. I apologize in advance for some googling that may happen as a result of reading this.  For convenience, I have provided links!

On September 11, 2008, I was 19 weeks and 6 days pregnant with Miss Ava Blaire. I went in for my 20 week ultrasound and left the hospital almost a week later! I went for my routine ultrasound.  At the end of appointment, I was taken to a hospital room.

 "We've found a small complication, your Doctor will be here soon!"

Those words cut me deep! They scared the life out of me and I never wish to hear that again! So a little while later, my Doctor showed up and began to start explaining to me that I have a Short Cervix, which falls under the Incompetent Cervix Category!  At 19 weeks and 6 days my cervix was roughly 1.5 inch long and already dilating, meaning I was high risk to go into pre-term labour.  I was faced with two options, stay in the hospital until 36 weeks or surgery. Surgery meant a cervical cerclage placed into and around the cervix.  With this done, I could go home but I would be on moderate bed rest until 36 weeks, at which time, they would remove the cerclage.

All I could hear was my mom saying, “Whatever is meant to be will be!” and all I knew was I couldn’t stay in the hospital! Bruce and I made the decision to have the cerclage done, and thankfully the surgery went well!  Having a surgery still had the risk of rupturing the membrane. I’d go into labour anyway, at 20 weeks, she wouldn’t have the best chance at survival.

At 28 weeks, I was diagnosed with Polyhydramnios. In simple terms, there was too much amniotic fluid in my Uterus.  Doctors became worried that her lungs weren’t working properly, as it is the lungs that regulate the fluid. Polyhydramnios comes with its own list of complications and the highest on the list was pre-term labour.

I was diagnosed with Cervical Insufficiency or Incompetent Cervix. A terms that felt like something only a man could come up with.

Cervical Insufficiency ... those words were so hurtful and offensive! One of the biggest jobs a woman can have is growing a child and I get to hear, "Incompetent" and "Insufficient! OUCH!

There was nothing about this situation that made me feel like a glowing pregnant woman. I didn’t feel pampered! This is not  a common thing that every woman experienced, I was alone! There is only so much Bruce could take/understand, but he most definitely couldn’t offer any advice! The only friends I had were by text message or on Facebook.  No one wanted to come see me in Burnaby, I learned who my real friends were out here in BC!

I became depressed and I never reached out to anyone. I was lonely and scared! My sweet little baby threw me for a loop every chance she got.  Once I had reached 36 weeks in my pregnancy, the cerclage was removed. No more BEDREST! I went into labour with Ava on January 30, and she was born on the 31st at 3:52pm.

Not a single problem with this little girl so far.. (Knock on wood). Miss Ava was born 7lbs 7oz and 20 Inches long. She was a perfect little bundle of joy! Was it worth it?  Every moment!

Consider all of the above and two LEEP procedures, we opted to have an elective cerclage done. This didn’t stop the need to take it easy. I quickly learned that I would not be able to remain working. I was experiencing cramping, back pain, abdominal pain, anxiety attacks, high blood pressure and complete overall discomfort! Dr. Rossi and I had already done one baby together, so as I sat in her office crying and struggling to breathe, there was no question to her that I should not be working!

Up to 28 weeks, I was going to see both doctors at least once a month and  from 28 weeks on I will now go to my OB every 2 weeks and my GP every 3 weeks. Soon after my appointments will go to every two weeks for both and then down to every week.  At 36 weeks, I will have the cerclage removed and then it could be anytime!

I’m finally back on track with my weight, which due to the stress of a few events prior to our trip to Saskatoon, I hadn’t put on as much weight as they liked.  So far everything looks good but I will be back at my OB on September 4th to double check that my cervix hasn’t started to shorten anymore.

Crossing our fingers, the rest of this pregnancy goes well but as I experienced last time, there are so many complications that you haven’t even heard of and well to google them all will turn you into a crazy MESS!  Happy New Mama’s recently did a blog post called “How to help a pregnant friend feel less lonely!” Please have a read and realize not all pregnancies are fun and just because you can’t see it, there could be something weighing heavy on your pregnant friends shoulders! Be there to listen… even if you cannot relate!



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