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I have been preparing for the last several weeks attempting to pack this hospital bag and it has been rather discouraging. I have  already done this whole filling the hospital bag thing once before, but for some reason this time around, it feels so much complicated.  Could it be simple procrastination has gotten the better of me? It’s been almost 6 years since I’ve brought home a new born and I feel like I should remember more.  Here is what I have so far.. any suggestions on what else I need?


For Baby Girl:

  1. Coming home Outfit complete with hat and 2 pair of socks from Big sister Ava.
  2. Two hats, one lightweight and the other knitted so a bit thicker.
  3. 3 NB Onesies and a pair of NB grey fleece pants.
  4. 2 sleepers; One NB and one 0-3mos. just incase she is bigger than expected.
  5. 2 Muslin swaddle blankets and one cotton receiving blanket.
  6. Grey/Pink Fleecy Blanket for the trip home.
  7. Newborn Diapers.



Who brought their own bath time products? Do they provide you with some diapers while you’re there? Wipes? What is one thing that you wish you would have brought with you?


Hospital Bag Contents
Hospital Bag Contents



For Mom and Dad:

  1. Cliff Bars and a Vitamin water; still need one more drink.
  2. Breast pads, some samples of shampoo and some pads
  3. National Public Cord Blood Bank paperwork.
  4. Comfy/Sweat pants, change of underwear, socks etc
  5. Toiletry Bag; Toothbrush, brush, hair elastics etc
  6. Wallet with Change for vending machines, etc.


What do you think so far? Is there anything you’d leave out or recommend me taking? Obviously, I’m leaving out a few obvious things ie: Car seat, phone chargers,  camera’s,  and each other.


Here we are 5.5 years later, getting ready to welcome another beautiful little girl, and honestly I cannot imagine how it will feel to become a family of 4.  I recently became an Auntie for a second time to one adorably cute little boy Grayson James and watching my S.I.L and brother welcoming the 4th member to  their family  has been amazing. I only wish that I could be there to snuggle these boys! My sister in law assures me that she cannot even remember what it felt like to be a family of 3.  So we are excited and anxious to meet this little girl, I’m ready to bond with my two girls!


What was your favorite part about bringing home a sibling? Any recommendations on photos you wish you would have taken but forgot in the moment?







6 Responses

  1. I’d suggest bringing way less clothing for the baby. The first 24 hours will be so much skin to skin that you will just need one of your lovely blankets to cover the two of you. In the last 5 years, skin to skin has really been promoted with your baby. You will probably see the difference.
    You can probably leave behind your breast pads. Milk comes in day 3-5 and hopefully you are long gone from the hospital at that point. Definitely pack extra newborn diapers. Where I work we give you 10 max and after that you have to provide your own.
    I’d also add to bring your own towel and your own pillow. You will appreciate both of these comforts as hospital towels and pillows are nothing to covet! A pair of flip flops for walking on the hospital floor is also great. I also see a lot of mamas bringing a robe for when visitors come by or when they walk the halls. One last thing would be a reusable water bottle. Those early days post partum are thirsty ones!


    1. Those are great suggestions Andrea! Thank you so much for your suggestions! Definitely a few there I hadn’t even thought of ie: water bottle flip flops! Thank you! Which hospital are you at?

  2. This post is great timing because I’m (mentally) packing my hospital bag too! Second time around for me as well… last time was 2-1/2 yrs ago and even that feels like forever ago. (When’s your due date?) I love the going home outfit and the idea of big sis picking it out! So sweet. I have heard the suggestion of having a gift for older sibling to give baby, which you’ve done. Also it’s been suggested to have a gift from mommy and daddy for big sis when she comes to visit. Sweet idea.
    You mentioned phone charger as an “obvious” one… For me at least that is definitely going on the list… I’m not taking that for granted. A couple other ideas for mama… chapstick/lotion, lanolin cream/pump/nursing camis/shirts/gowns if you’re breast feeding, slippers/robe.
    I’m subscribing to comments on this one so I can see any other suggestions you get!! 🙂

    1. Biz, Thank you for your suggestions too! Wow you ladies are just full of great ideas! I’m due on the 16th but due to being High Risk (short cervix), it could be any day now! When are you due? Chapstick was one I forgot last time, so thanks for reminding me! That’s a great suggestions! I call a phone charger an obvious one because I’m addicted to social media and all my family is in SK so I don’t usually go far without having a charger on hand!

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