How Did You Choose Me As Your Baby?

My mother got me a book called “100 questions from my child”, written by Mallika Chopra, daughter of Deepak Chopra. A very cute book with very gentle answers to some of the difficult questions we can be asked by our children.  Number 87;  How did you choose me as your baby?

“A:  I went to a place deep inside myself where all things are possible. I was quiet and I asked for the most beautiful baby in the world.

I asked for a baby whose smile would brighten up the universe, whose eyes would sparkle like the stars, and whose voice would sound like divine music.

I asked for a baby whom I could hug and kiss 1,000 times every minute.

I asked for a baby whose cries would make me feel deeper than I ever felt before and whose giggles would stir my heart with utter, infinite joy.

I asked for a baby whose soul was gentle and wise and playful.

I imagined your face, your fingers and toes, your legs and arms, your eyes, your little nose and lips. I imagined your little heart beating. And I could smell your baby smell and feel your baby warmth as I asked for you, my little darling.

I asked for you to come into my world so that I could play and laugh and cry and love you forever and forever.”

Lately, there has been many a moments when I feel like Miss Ava hates me.. this paragraph has helped me many times remember that we love each other and this too shall pass!


Me and My girls!



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