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Riversol Discount Code

Unfortunately.. this is the final Riversol Discount code, so if you're wanting to order, now is the time to take advantage of 15% off until June 29th using my discount code 15janette at the link below for 15% off any full size products!

Hydrating Antioxidant Mask

Formulated to deliver intensive 24h moisture therapy to quench even the driest of skin types. Developed specifically for sensitive skin, this mask delivers potent, stabilized antioxidants to hydrate, and protect the skin from toxins and environmental pollutants. The 50mL mask lasts on average 4 months with suggested use. Instant deep re-hydration Helps replenish the skin's moisture barrier Calms sensitive skin Get 15% off any full-sized order by using my new discount code '15Janette' from now until June 29th.

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Skincare Routine with Riversol

I've been using Riversol for several months now and I'm loving how kind and effective their products have been on my skin! After having Zoe my hormones changed and my skin hasn't been the same...until now! I'm seeing less and less breakouts around my cheeks! The 15 Day Sample Kit for Redness has all the products I've been using up until now and it's completely free! No hidden strings!

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Pre-Order Hand Milled Plant Box

IThese plantboxes are Hand milled using recycled hard woods created by my Daddio and my favourite pieces of plant decor in my home. The extra height and dimension bring so much more life and appeal to my plantbabies. He's bringing some with him to Vancouver next month and they are now AVAILABLE to pre-order. I will be making arrangments to deliver or for pick up or shipping after November 15th. Head over to the link in profile to pre-order one today. They can be painted to match your decor or left as is. Fits a 3.5" ikea plant pot. Plant & Planter not included. Link in profile! Limited quantities available

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Sometimes all we need is a gentle reminder to never go to bed angry. Life happens but we should always kiss goodnight!

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